Top 5 Myths About Steve Jobs

Steve JobsLast week I did a compilation on Top 5 Myths About Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter from HowStuffWorks – today I noticed they also have a similar top 5 myths about Steve Jobs, or His Steveness, as certain fanboys & girls sometimes call him…

If you have a bit of interest in this college dropout who’s being paid $1 in yearly salary from Apple since 1997, I suggest you checkout the myths below and click through to read more about them…

Top 5 Myths About Steve Jobs

  1. Steve Jobs Is Dying.
  2. The Apple Tablet’s Been Delayed Because Jobs Keeps Changing His Mind About the Design.
  3. Jobs Wears the Same Outfit Every Day — A Black Mock Turtleneck and Jeans.
  4. Jobs’ Car Displays a Barcode Instead of Plates for the Sake of Safety and Privacy.
  5. The Apple Corporation Pays Jobs Only $1 for Running the Company.

[Read more at HowStuffWorks: Top 5 Myths About Steve Jobs]

7 thoughts on “Top 5 Myths About Steve Jobs”

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  3. I love when you do the “Myth” series I find some of these things pretty funny like the Barcode license plate.
    .-= Extreme John´s last blog ..9 Must Have Firefox Greasemonkey Scripts =-.

    • Well to be honest, I’m not the one doing them – HowStuffWorks are 🙂 But I’m relaying their information and linking back to them, so hopefully even more people will see them. Not something I usually do, but I think their “Top 5 Myths” are great and I want to share them with my own readers.

  4. Steve Jobs Is Dying – What type of myth is this?
    .-= Agent 001´s last blog ..Time Management is Important – Fools Just Say it but Smart People Do it Always =-.

    • Do you mean it’s not a myth since that he IS going to die “in the near future of illness” or “eventually, like we all do”?

      Or something third? 🙂

  5. When it comes to famous people, myths keep taking ground! We must understand what to believe and what not to…And people reading this blog are surely smart enough to know the truth!


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