Upgrade Your IE 6 to Internet Explorer 8 And Feed 16 People

internet_explorer_8_logoMicrosoft wants more people to use their latest browser, Internet Explorer 8, and so far several TV commercials for the browser has aired.

Microsoft has since June elected to donate food for eight people for each time a person downloads Internet Explorer 8 via their Browser For The Better campaign. During September, they double that to feeding 16 people for every time somebody decides to upgrade their Internet Explorer 6 to Internet Explorer 8, using the campaign.

We want to encourage our customers to upgrade to a modern and secure browser – so we are doubling donations for people who switch from Internet Explorer 6 to Internet Explorer 8 through this campaign.
– Brandon LeBlanc, Microsoft

While I’m not a big fan of Internet Explorer in general (don’t get me started…), I do think this campaign is a great idea. I suggest you go upgrade to Internet Explorer 8 today, take it for a spin, then switch to Firefox 3.5 or Safari 4 🙂

Maybe Internet Explorer 9 will finally be worth recommending, but at this time, I don’t really care much about IE.

(PS: 3.5% of my TechPatio.com readers are using Internet Explorer 6.)

7 thoughts on “Upgrade Your IE 6 to Internet Explorer 8 And Feed 16 People”

  1. Haha…good recommendation – upgrade then switch to Firefox 3.5 or Safari 4.. I’m stuck with some IE for now because amazingly one of the apps my department uses (csupport) crashes and puts an error on the server when someone logs into it from Firefox. At any rate, hard to believe someone is still using IE6, but if so, it’s nice that MS will donate food for some people.
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  2. Just wanted to tell you that the post is updated now with a new method:
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  3. Curiously wonder about the donation in food to people. I’m never convinced about such things. Saying it, is not the same as doing and rather there is always a lot than meets the eyes with such matters. This is prooving rather a good way to attract people though, and make money!
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    • I know what you mean. But I trust that Microsoft follows through with their promise on this one. Imagine what would happen to their image if they didn’t.

  4. i’m using chrome and very happy with it. loading faster than firefox
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  5. I really hope that this is the case. However, it brings to mind the classic email that went around a few years back about sending this email to 10 friends and Bill Gates will pay you $1000 bucks.
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