August 2009: Blog Summary & Income Report (My Second Month Of Blogging)

techpatio_august_2009_visitsIt’s that time of the month again…. No, not that time, what’s the matter with you? The time I’m obviously talking about, is the time where it’s time to look into the month of August 2009 and report back to my readers how the month has been for, related to visits and income. So let’s not waste any more time and stop using the word “time” altogether for the time being and jump straight into the numbers…

August 2009

July 2009

Visits: 1628 803
Pageviews: 3,244 1,441
Pages/visit 1.99 1.79
Bounce rate: 59% 71%
Avg. time on site 00:02:14 00:01:30
New visits: 72% 72%
Blog comments: 249 66
Traffic Sources
Direct traffic: 22% 40%
Search engines: 43% 33%
Referring sites: 34% 27%
Google Adsense: $4 $1.82
Clickbank: $0 $112.07
Infolinks $0.2 n/a
SocialSpark $3.51 n/a
TOTAL: $7.71 $113.89

“Blog comments” are excluding pingbacks and my own comments.

Conclusion: August 2009

August 2009 was exciting for me. It was my 2nd month of blogging with TechPatio and also the last month TechPatio was online with it’s first theme as it got replaced by the Thesis killer theme as of September 1st.

August was also the month where I started building even more relationships with other bloggers, commenting on their blogs, they commenting on mine etc. I’m definitely feeling a stronger connection with certain other bloggers now than I did just a month ago, which is only natural.

Looking at my statistics for August, I’d say that I’m impressed. I was hoping for a double-up in August compared to July and I got that, plus a little extra. My bounce rate has gone down while pages viewed by each visitor has gone up and they stay a bit longer on the site too.

It would be quite an understatement to say that August was not the best of months when it comes to income, $7 compared to $113 the month before. But there’s a very simple reason for that, in July I had a great affiliate sale, which I didn’t in August (as the Become A Blogger program is not taking new members at this time, but hopefully again in a few months). I should also note that I’m not looking seriously into making any money with TechPatio, but it’s part of my personal challenges to see what kind of money can be made with a blog and everything that comes with it.

My monetization process has been a bit rocky, to say the least. The first two months I had just one or two Google AdSense banners, when I switched to Thesis I also added a few more 125×125 banners as well as a 468×60 banner in the top. All the products I’m advertising through my banners, has been handpicked and tested by me personally (and still using them!), except the two ads through SocialSpark. That’s my guarantee to you, that there’s no crap or affiliate scam here!

Goals: September 2009

I always find it hard to set reasonable goals for stuff like this, as you don’t always have it under your own control and you can’t always predict whether or not your posts for the months are going to be average or pull in the masses.

But I’m gonna go out on a limb here and hope for a double up on visits and pageviews once again. Pages/visits would hopefully go above 2. I still don’t care much about the actual dollars being made, so I have no other goals for the income than to beat what I had in August, so let’s say anything above $10 in September will be acceptable, if not, I will have to face the board of directors and explain what went wrong…

Other Summary & Income Reports

I’m not the only one doing this kind of thing, many other blogs do them too. Here’s some of the income reports I’ve spotted so far. If yours are missing and you want it here, be sure to drop a comment below and I’ll be happy to add it to the list.

28 thoughts on “August 2009: Blog Summary & Income Report (My Second Month Of Blogging)”

  1. You doubled your traffic. That is awesome. As for the income, keep at it. You will be at the $100 a month in no time.
    .-= Deneil Merritt´s last blog ..Setpember 2009 Discount Coupon =-.

    • Lets keep it real when it comes to income. It would be nice if you get to make $100 this month. You know what they teach in Business 101? Don’t get overconfident, it may come back to bite you. Just set achievable goals. Once you achieve those goals then you set higher goals, and so on and so forth.
      .-= Jason´s last blog ..Gmail is down! =-.

  2. That is wonderful, that your hard work is showing through the amount of visitors coming to your site, and even returning.

    I hadn’t realised that you had just been up two months, and already you are here working like a pro on this wonderful project of yours.

    Congragulations on all that you are doing. Do you feel proud?
    .-= Ana´s last blog ..A Planner worth of a mention =-.

    • If I feel proud? I haven’t really thought about that. I guess I’m satisfied with the overall result, but I probably wouldn’t go as far as saying that I’m “proud”… not yet at least, but who knows 🙂

  3. Well done on the traffic and bounce rate, work on those and the income will surely increase. As for current income, many bloggers have a good and then bad month. I sometimes compare it to the sea’s tide, low and high tide.
    .-= George Serradinho´s last blog ..Newest WordPress Plugins 03/09 =-.

  4. I really like how you put your stats together, especially the side by side comparison.
    .-= Extreme John´s last blog ..Screw Twitter =-.

    • Thanks. And there’s even room enough for one more month, so hopefully next month I can show the past 3 months, making comparison even easier.

  5. Thats a nice set of statistics for a new blog.

    Keep up the good work and try to increase the traffic by using your friends’ and network to populate social bookmarking sites with your links/posts. You never submit more than 1 for every 10 other posts from your own blog.

    Waiting to see what you will turn up next month. C ya
    .-= Suneel´s last blog ..Wordpress Plugin To Suit Blog in iPhone Theme-Use WPtouch =-.

  6. Great improvement with visitors and Google AdSense income. Both, visitors and Google AdSense income, have more than doubled. If you can keep that up you will have quite a blog here in a few months.
    .-= Jason´s last blog ..Gmail is down! =-.

    • It’s definitely great too see the ads income increase, affiliate products can do big difference overall, so they can’t be “counted on”, on this level I’m currently on – just one sale can do a big difference, both good and bad.

  7. Thanks man for adding my report to your post, much appreciated 🙂
    .-= George Serradinho´s last blog ..2009 Budget T-Shirt =-.

    • You’re welcome. Income/stats reports are an interesting read, so why not share it with others that might not already know about these/your site(s).

  8. Thats great.. I just started at the end of August.. By now I am getting 350+ daily.. Hoping it to get doubled by the end of the month…
    .-= Compute Live´s last blog ..Rearm and Extend Office 2010 Activation Grace Period for Free 180 Days Usage =-.

    • But you have blog posts since the middle of July, so what do you mean, “you just started at the end of August”? 🙂

  9. Being in just the second month of blogging , you are surely doing pretty well! Keep it up and you will surely match the greats in the field! But you income appears to be dipping. Concentrate on that too.
    .-= Tech-Freak Stuff´s last blog ..Useful Tips for Writing Good Blog Comments =-.

  10. Good job and thanks for sharing with everyone! I added you to my monthly blog income report roundup and thanks for pointing out the other sites as I’ve added them as well. Good luck with September!
    .-= Jeremia Froyland´s last blog ..The 4 P’s of Marketing & the Marketing Mix =-.

    • Thanks for including me in your list, even though I’m in last place 😀 Also thanks for stopping by and taking your time to comment, I’ve included your roundup post in my list above, also.

  11. I also earned that kind of amount from Google Adsense when I first started my blog. Don’t worry about that, you will break the minimum payout for Adsense in no time. You have my support. Good luck!

  12. Very nice! You’ve got a huge improvement there! I see the bounce rate has greatly reduced; along with the increase of comments, visits and of course, Adsense earning. I’m sure you feel encouraged! Keep it up, Klaus. Looking forward to a more impressive blog stats in the coming months. By the way, nice social plugin installed. ^^

    Social/Blogging Tracker
    .-= Ching Ya´s last blog ..16 Social Bookmarking Plugins to Promote Your Posts =-.

    • Thanks Ching, I hope you’re right 🙂

      At first I tried that SocioFluid plugin (I think it’s called), it looked pretty cool in your social bookmarking plugins review. But I didn’t like it so much, so now I’m trying out the sexy bookmarking plugin instead, it also draws a bit more attention to itself. Let’s just hope that people will recognise the icons used.

  13. This is my first time seeing a technology blog with the Thesis theme. Looks good too 🙂

    Have subscribed to your feed. Looking forward to connect with you 🙂
    .-= Michael Aulia´s last blog ..How to submit blog posts from WordPress to Facebook automatically =-.

    • Hi Michael – thanks for stopping by and commenting. Well it’s not the first tech blog with Thesis I’ve seen though, but I haven’t seen many, I’ll give you that – maybe because Thesis is not exactly a cheap theme, but I’d say it’s well worth its price. Thanks for subscribing too.

  14. Thanks for sharing the info about your progress. It’s always interesting to see how other bloggers are doing. Keep up the good work!

    • That’s what I thought, us bloggers need to keep eachother fired up and by posting stuff like this it can help motivate others as well as newbies 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and for commenting!

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