6 Blogging Myths that are Not True

blog-fact-mythBlogging is not a new word now. Everyone is aware about it’s meaning. But due to lack of knowledge, not right guidance and not knowing the right tools most of people end up blogging without earning a single penny. The glittered words brought people in blogging and they jump into it without doing any analysis or enquiring some knowledge about blogging. In this post, we are going to share 6 Blogging Myths that are not true.

Blogging is GET Rich Quick Scheme

About 98% of people enter blogging because they want to make money online and consider blogging that it can make them rich in days and weeks, while it is not true. Blogging no doubt is a effective way to make money online but it takes time, hard work and the most important patience. In fact, blogging is a

“Work for FREE for a long time and then earn money as a reward type Scheme”

Blogging is the Only Way to Make Money Online

Some people enter blogging because they are not aware of other methods to make real money online. While blogging is all about sharing your knowledge and without passion of sharing knowledge, your blogging career is dead. People consider blogging the only way to make money and end up blogging without earning a single penny.  If your motive is only to earn, then you should go for some other methods rather than blogging.

Blogging Is Dead

So some of you have earned little from blogging and now your earning is drive to approximately zero? You must be blaming the honest pets of Google, like Panda, Penguin and now Humming Bird. With this major change you must be thinking that “Blogging is Dead” and it is not more effective way to make cash online. Well it is not true. Blogging is the same just some methods are changed now. If you are thinking to quit blogging and find some other effective way, I will suggest you to re-think and change your strategy.

Blogging Doesn’t Requires Some Special Expertise

Probably you entered blogging without having some special knowledge about it or having some special geeky expertise. But the only those survived in this blog-o-sphere which keep themselves updated and always in the thirst of learning something new about blogging or Internet World.

Blogging Does not Demands Care

Blogging provides you a complete platform to share your thoughts, you need to care about or actions, your way of expressing your thoughts. You have to take special care of your audience you are treating. Blogging demand special care of each and every perspective, you have to maintain your blog, look after your backlinks, secure your blog and have to treat your audience as your friends. So if you are not passionate about sharing your knowledge, you’ll end up frustrated and depressed from blogging.

Blogging is Easy

Blogging is not easy, as you now have idea of what blogging demands and what are requirements of it. You have to take care of every perspective of it. Well, saying “blogging is easy” or “blogging is not easy” is not a right way to demonstrate blogging. Some skills and expertise are easy for someone and some skills and expertise are not easy for the same person. For example, if you are good at communicating with others, possibly you may not be good at some tech related stuff. The key for success in blogging is to find the right skills which doesn’t make your frustrated and you can stick to it for a long time.


If you are Passionate about blogging and can manage to learn and update yourself with the time, you’ll definitely succeed online not only to earn but to build reputation as blogger. Hope this post was worth reading for you. Thank your taking your time to read it and I hope you’ll implement and think of what I’ve talked about.

Guest article written by: Usama Arshad is just another enthusiastic geek, part time blogger and full time student , acknowledging himself not only about academic laws of life but also striving to get more and more knowledge about Internet and blog-o-sphere. He, with another enthusiastic fellow run a blog on [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]Blogging Tips and Internet Marketing[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]Blogging Tips and Internet Marketing[/tp].

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