8 Things You Need to Know About Broadband

Once the latest technology, the broadband lightning-fast internet connection has become relatively ubiquitous. Getting to grips with all the complicated terms that come with broadband hasn’t gotten any easier, however!  So what are some of these unfamiliar terms, and what do they mean? What are some things you really must know about broadband? Let’s take … Read more →

Are You Receiving the Broadband Speeds You’re Paying For?

When you’re shopping for a new broadband subscription, speed is the main factor to consider. The speed of your internet depends on several factors including the number of users and the region where you live. Most don’t know what broadband speed they need when comparing different packages or searching for the best deals. So, here’s … Read more →

Ways To Get The Best Internet Reception For Your Home

Internet services disruption and frequent disconnection issues are a usual thing that you might come across when you’re using your internet. You also get to know the strength of your high speed internet connection when enjoying your favorite multiplayer game online on your network or downloading a large-sized file. This spoils all the fun, right? … Read more →

Understanding Mobile Broadband Benefits and Drawbacks

In today’s fast-paced world, communication is of utmost importance and has become a necessity. Mobile Broadband offers you high-speed Internet access on the go, which means it lets you go online no matter what your location is and regardless of the time of the day. Mobile broadband refers to a mobile phone line registered to … Read more →

The truth about mobile broadband

Can you imagine life without mobile internet? Think about it – arguments in bars would once more rage for hours, Facebook posts could go unliked for hours, and can you imagine how dull a train journey would be? Dark times indeed. For most of us though, mobile internet is a near-constant presence – and a … Read more →

How Windows 8 Has Enhanced Mobile Broadband

Microsoft launched their new Windows 8 operating system to much fanfare in August 2012, with the promise that this was a revolutionary operating system that could be used on multiple devices, such as desktop computers and tablet computers and Windows phone. They promised that this operating system will eliminate the need to use third party … Read more →

Why Niklas Zennstrom decided to offer FREE mobile broadband for everyone in US and UK?

While most people are eagerly awaiting the introduction of the much-vaunted 4G network, the latest development in new mobile broadband technology comes from a notable online entrepreneur, Niklas Zennstrom. Known mainly for being the founder of Skype, whose software allows users to enjoy free voice calls over the internet wherever they are in the world, … Read more →

How Ofcom made broadband cheaper in the UK [infographic]

Broadband prices have dropped by more than 50% since 2005, giving way to faster, cheaper internet for millions of people.But what exactly brought on the broadband boom? An agreement between telecoms regulator Ofcom and BT Openreach allowed rival providers to install their own equipment in telephone exchanges, completely transforming the market. This process is known … Read more →

6 Ways to Turbo Boost Your Wireless Internet

Internet usage has evolved from slow dial-up to fast, efficient speeds. Wireless Internet service is one of the quickest ways to access and navigate through the web. However, this application can be slow due to problems within your home or office. No matter what the problem, there are some quick fixes that will put you … Read more →

Wireless Broadband or Home Broadband Plans?

Wireless broadband witnessed a huge rise in popularity in Europe during 2008 and the first half of 2009 before stabilizing in the second half of 2009. In Australia, they are currently seeing something similar happening, according to broadband comparison site www.broadbandexport.com.au who has reported seeing a 45% rise in sales of wireless broadband plans in … Read more →