Why Niklas Zennstrom decided to offer FREE mobile broadband for everyone in US and UK?

While most people are eagerly awaiting the introduction of the much-vaunted 4G network, the latest development in new mobile broadband technology comes from a notable online entrepreneur, Niklas Zennstrom. Known mainly for being the founder of Skype, whose software allows users to enjoy free voice calls over the internet wherever they are in the world, Zennstrom has recently got the techno-enthusiasts excited thanks to his latest company, FreedomPop.

Though FreedomPop remains fairly unknown in the UK, this will soon change as they have recently announced an exciting new deal with wireless broadband network operator Lightsquared. The partnership between the two companies will bring a whole new aspect to the wireless broadband market, as the deal will see FreedomPop able to offer free mobile communications to everyone.

Though Lightsquared’s 4G-LTE network is still under development and going through testing, the network is due to go live in the States during the second half of 2012. And as soon as it does, FreedomPop will use the company’s network to launch its free mobile broadband service. This will be followed by a roll-out to the UK and other countries shortly after.

The 4G network, which stands for fourth generation in mobile communications, already has wireless broadband users getting excited by offering faster and slicker internet access for all wireless technology such as laptops, tablets and smart phones. By partnering with Lightsquared, FreedomPop can provide everyone with fast, convenient broadband services – for free!

Many people might be thinking that this development sounds too good to be true. And if it wasn’t for the buy-in of Zennstrom, then there would probably be even more doubt, but Lightsquared are adamant in their claim that its new 4G-LTE network will offer internet services to over 260 million people across the US, moving on to the UK and other countries shortly after. FreedomPop echo this claim, saying that their free broadband services will launch in the latter half of 2012, initially in America, focusing on the areas that are most in need of wireless broadband.

When talking about the deal between the two companies, a FreedomPop company spokesman said, “The internet is a right, not a privilege.” But many are wondering just how it is possible to offer free wireless broadband for everyone and for free. Many thoughts are centred on the idea of ad-based revenue, which probably won’t be that different from many of the other online services already in use. However, the latest thinking suggests the service will offer initial access for free, with charges for additional download usage. This kind of free service will surely rejuvenate the broadband market and bring many savings to both businesses and individuals.

However FreedomPop decide to finance their services, the benefits to mobile broadband users will be immense. For businesses with workers who are on the move and staff who want the freedom to work away from the office, these developments will be of great help. Personal broadband users, who like to get online wherever and whenever they want, will also benefit greatly from this deal. Here in the UK, we will have to wait a little longer for the new 4G network to come online. However, once it does we can look forward to making the most of the higher speeds and better connections and most of all the savings to be made on wireless broadband.

Guest article written by: Donna Baxter is associated with various internet security related companies as their freelance and staff writer. She has been linked with some of the best web media companies and offers various ways for internet solutions. She excels in writing articles related to internet security, internet plans, TV plans etc.

13 thoughts on “Why Niklas Zennstrom decided to offer FREE mobile broadband for everyone in US and UK?”

  1. It’s an interesting news.
    In Europe there are various entrepreneurs that offers free WI-fi internet connections on several cities ,some of them to reinforce their brand

  2. This is indeed too good to be true. A free internet access for everyone is like a dream come true. I bet a lot of broadband companies will disagree with this however it does make sense that the users will only have to pay data charges whenever they download.

  3. Wow! amazing if it becomes true. What this country desperately needs is affordable mobile broadband with realistic bandwidth allowance. I was recently offered ‘unlimited’ 3g mobile broadband at a very good price. I almost purchased it when I noticed in the small print a 1 gig/month fair use policy! 1 gig is nothing nowadays.

  4. Wow, i hope he sorts it out. Although i figure that it would hit Eastern Europe after 5 years it’s launched, i’m still excited if it will do work

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  7. Hi there,
    thanks for the great news. Free mobile broadband service in the UK would be a fantastic internet connection option. However, I beleive that we need to learn lessons from the past: “Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes” is a Latin phrase from Virgil’s Aeneid (II, 49). It has been paraphrased in English as the aphorism “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts”. There is nothing for free these days, even if it is free mobile broadband for the UK customers.
    Regards. Tanya

    free mobile communications to everyone

  8. Thanks for this interesting post. I believe that the idea to introduce free broadband will quickly spread. We will see this soon.

  9. Wow that is really impressive. I am still wondering how this could possibly make a company money but I am sure that they have considered that. IT would be a great advancement to supply the US with free internet. The possibilities that would offer to people who can’t afford service is unmeasurable.


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