5 Ways to Regain Internet Access

I can imagine you getting excited to watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones, House of Cards or any other show you like, and then, from out of nowhere a “No internet access,” “No internet connection” or “Limited access” message appears and ruins your mood. It can happen to the best, too. Unfortunately, this is inevitable and we’ve all went through it and will go through it. Most of the time, this issue gets resolved by itself, in just a few minutes, however, sometimes you will have to take things in your own hands. There are many reasons why you may experience the no internet access issue, some of them being a virus, the router itself, the signal strength, bad Wi-Fi card and even the ISP. This is what you may try, in case if you run out of Internet.

Restart the computer

If your computer cannot connect to Internet, it is possible that something is blocking it (e.g. an app which “possessed” the computer, etc.). Try restarting the computer, as this may be all you need to do in order to be able to connect to the Internet.

Restart the router

The router sometimes can stop sharing the Internet connection unexpectedly. Other times it doesn’t reconnect to a network automatically if there was a downtime. Sometimes, the Internet connection is really slow that makes us mistakenly believe that there is no Internet connection. In this case, the how to fix slow internet connection guide is worth looking into.

There are lights on every router which tell you whether the Internet connection is active or not.

If you notice that the lights are not working properly, as prescribed by the router’s manufacturer, and you can’t connect to internet, the best solution is to restart the router. The easiest way to restart the router is to unplug the power cord from the power outlet and wait for a couple of minutes. After that, plug it back in the outlet and your Internet access should be restored.

Scan for and remove viruses

Yep, those tiny, invisible gremlins can cause you headaches. Viruses show us how vulnerable we are and they may have a disruptive effect on our computers. They can invade every single file and demolish your computer. To get rid of them and fix the no internet connection issue, run a scan in Safe Mode, while they are asleep and they will be gone for good. But, be careful. Don’t be fooled that you will be 100% protected from them if you have an anti-virus software. You may have thousands, but still a virus can punch its way through.

Ensure that cables are plugged in correctly

Maybe you don’t have an Internet access, or your internet connection keeps dropping because of an unplugged Ethernet cable. Even though you are enjoying the benefits of Wi-Fi, remember that the Ethernet cable still pulls the plug – OK the one who can pull the Ethernet cable pulls the plug. Ensure that all cables (from modem to wall, from modem to router or computer, from router to computer, etc.) are properly plugged in and are not loose, which is a vital precondition for a stable Internet connection and a good resolution to the “computer will not connect to internet” issue. Also, check the cables for physical damage, as they are known to be highly attractive to kids, cats, dogs, mice, etc.

Call your ISP

If you cannot connect to internet or if your internet connection keeps dropping, consider contacting your ISP. Maybe the ISP/Operator experiences some technical difficulties they are not aware of, or they may already work on fixing them. If that is not the case, they will guide you how to diagnose the problem by yourself and fix your Internet connection, in case if you ran out of ideas.

If all of the above didn’t help and if you are hungry for more solutions, don’t be shy and drop by to find the right solutions tailored to your scenario in the Solutionbay’s No internet connection guide.

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