Best Payment gateways available for E-commerce Stores

One of the most important tools created for an eCommerce website is a payment gateway. It holds the credit for the success of your e-store. Leveraging the wide range of benefits and advantages of the payment solutions, finances and businesses have successfully walked through the process of change.

The market is flooded with numerous and powerful payment gateways today. In this pool of popular gateways, how can you choose the right one for your eCommerce store? The trust factor always comes into the limelight while making a decision to share your sensitive payment information. This is the reason why you are here and this blog comprises the top 10 payment gateway providers for 2019 and beyond. 

On the basis of the popularity and convenience, I have listed the top 9 payment gateways for 2019 and beyond. They are:

  • Authorize.Net
  • PayPal 
  • Stripe
  • Braintree
  • Skrill
  • CoinGate Bitcoin Payment Processor
  • Zoho Checkout
  • Dwolla
  • Payza


Being called one of the most sought after payment gateways, Authorize.Net has been winning the trust of industries of all sizes from the past 20 years. With flexibility and affordability in its credit, Authorize.Net offers a wide range of support towards numerous methods of payment like MasterCard, Visa, Discover, electronic cheques, credit cards, and more. 

This payment gateway is far from the need for SSL certificates or PCI compliance.

Transferring funds are also seamless as they are transferred directly to your bank account thus saving a lot of time and money. Another advantage of Authorize.Net is its virtual terminal. This virtual terminal permits the users for the manual transaction. Authorize.Net provides a POS mobile app through which your customers can pay via the mobile device.

With its reputation in the eCommerce realm, experts have suggested its suitability with Magento stores.


Do I need to really brief about PayPal?

One of the most popular online payment gateways, Paypal with its reliability and security features is highly accepted by millions of brands around the world. 

Buyers can use it for free. It has availability for both stores and apps. Keeping in mind the customers’ satisfaction for checkout processes, PayPal offers comfortable and customizable checkout processes with the opportunity of earning free credit card rewards. 

PayPal is cost-effective as there are no set-up, gateway, and monthly fees. Owners will have to pay after a sale. The transaction fee will be 3.4%+ $0.30 USD for credit card payments.


Even after being new in the eCommerce era, Stripe has never turned back since its initiation. Stripe open-heartedly welcomes eCommerce store owners, a subscription service, an on-demand marketplace, and a crowdfunding project.

Stripe is another name for safety and simplicity. Its well-maintained APIs enable the clients to connect with new customers and strategize accordingly. Clients can maximize renewals as well. Clients can tailor their workflow with the help of these APIs. 

Building your business efficiently and scaling it each day is possible around Stripe.


Whether small or large-scale business you own, Braintree is for all. Right from accepting, sending, processing, and splitting payments to explore all the opportunities of businesses and boost the revenue, Braintree has added all to its credit. With its seamless checkout process and security, Braintree inspires the customers to return.

Benefits of opting Braintree:

1. With a wide coverage of 40 countries and over 130 currencies, Braintree provides wide access to the market globally. 

2. Fraud Protection and settlement.

3. No cross-border or foreign exchange fees.

4. Braintree Vault enables secure storage for sensitive data. There is no need to re-enter the payment information of the customers every time for making a purchase.

5. With Braintree’s drop-in UI, accept payments at lightning speed by cards or by PayPal in the app or website. 

6. Your customers can tailor their checkout flows keeping in mind the PCI requirements through Braintree’s easy-to-use payment APIs. 

7. The unique security feature called Hosted Fields allows the user while creating the necessary iframes to control the web checkout to reduce the risks taken into account by PCI requirements.


This UK-based payment service enables you to shop from any corner around the world for international transactions with your own mobile devices. Skrill comes with an advantage for the active users within Europe by permitting them to request for a prepaid MasterCard. This can be further used for fund withdrawal and purchase of goods irrespective of their location. 

How Skrill is different from others?

1. Houses multiple transaction methods.

2. Globally recognized as it supports nearly 30 currencies and thus simplifies shopping.

3. Secured transfer of money to user accounts and monitoring transactions through your account with anti-fraud screening features. Passwords and other financial information are secured with Skrill.

4. A preferable payment gateway as it charges the users with minimal cost. 

5. Highly secure.

CoinGate Bitcoin Payment Processor

A popular name for online payment gateway for cryptocurrency, CoinGate Bitcoin Payment Processor is specialized in accepting altcoins like Bitcoin in addition to other cryptocurrencies like Ripple, Dash, Litecoin, and Ethereum. This platform allows eCommerce websites, businesses, and digital currency traders to leverage the power of Bitcoin through accepting payments for products and services. 

CoinGate strengthen the businesses by equipping them with advanced tools like OpenCart, WooCommerce, Magento, Bitcoin POS, and widgets.

CoinGate provides support for mobile businesses by offering Bitcoin POS apps for both Android and iOS. With this, it ensures a smooth mobile shopping with guaranteed safety and speeding processing of payments using cryptocurrencies.

Another advantage of using CoinGate is its ability of hassle-free cross-currency transactions. Accept payment in another currency and pay in some other cryptocurrency. It also simplifies the transactions by using automatic payment currency conversion.

Zoho Checkout

Recording its name as one of the world’s leaders in processing innovations, Zoho Checkout helps in organizing the shopping experience and gives a personal touch during payments to win the trust of the customers by transforming the payment pages into a personalized terminal. 

Why Zoho?

1. Build your own secure, personalized payment pages.

2. It requires no coding experience.

3. It includes a set of ready-to-use templates to ease the process.

4. The system is cloud-hosted.

5. Both the options of payments available: a recurring and one-time payment. You are allowed to choose among both the options.

6. You are allowed to configure the intervals, dates, and duration for each.

7. With Zoho Checkout, customization is at its best. 

8. Collecting payments with Zoho is easy as it allows sharing the payment page in an email, on the website, social media accounts, and so on thus increasing the connectivity with the customers.

9. Credit card payments are accepted by MasterCard, Visa, and Amex.

10. With its capacity to automatically retry the declined cards for failed transactions, Zoho Checkout stands out from others. 


Dwolla, a payment gateway focusing on Automated Clearing House (ACH) is an all-inclusive combination of user-friendly and scalable tools for payment working with US-based banks and financial organizations. Dwolla has a record for offering simplified solutions for smooth bank transfers, handling clients, and validations of bank details. The complications in bank processes are simplified and allow the merchant in managing payments; all the credit goes to Dwolla.

If you are looking for a robust security solution for your client’s financial information, then Dwolla has the most advanced security protocols in the industry, for example, SSAE 18 SOC 2 Type II, tokenization, and third-party testing to name a few.

With its 99.9% uptime capability, accept and send payments 24/7. Dwolla enables direct access to the ACH network by integrating with its API for making payment requests. Opting for Dwolla is cost-effective with a predictable pricing scheme and consistent billing per month which won’t get affected by the expansion of business transactions.


If you are looking for a fast and simple money transfer solution for private and professional usage, Payza is what you need. Leveraging the power of Payza, you can:

Send and receive payments from credit cards, bank accounts, and Bitcoin accounts worldwide.

Secure Money transfers through mobile devices

Information security.

Enables the user to shop with finances in Payza wallet

A card offered by Payza serves its holder with facilities to withdraw money or for paying on spot.  

With the support of 25 currencies, Payza offers flexible payment options.

In a Nutshell!

If you wish to choose among the above-mentioned payment gateways, quality assurance is what I can give but not about its functioning with your eCommerce business. You require testing all of them with your business and selecting the one that is best suitable. I have prepared a small to-do list that you will need while opting for the best payment gateway:

1. Whether there is a need for an integrated or hosted payment gateway.

2. Compatibility with your online stores.

3. The transaction fee for the payment gateway. 

4. Convenience in using the payment gateway.

5. Security.

6. Customer support from the vendor.

7. If you plan for expansion in the future, check whether your selected payment gateway can be used later.

Once you have shortlisted the vendors based on the above to-dos, it will be easy for you to decide upon the payment gateway for your business. You can seek help from Magento Development Company -Fortunesoft IT Innovations for guiding you through this situation.

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