9 Online Security Tips For Beginners

Tip 1 Use HTTPS! URLs that begin with ‘http’ are NEVER secure. Always use sites that begin with ‘https’. They have stronger security protocols which means that you are safe and your current session on the browser is encrypted. Without HTTPS, bad guys can intercept your session using tools like Firesheep. Tip 2: Keep your … Read more →

Top Mac Antivirus Applications and Why You Need Any of Them

Mac Defender: The First Major Mac Threat? In May 2011, the Apple company encouraged its users to use added internet security protection. Why? Because of a new threat named Mac Defender. Mac Defender is a program that functions like a real spyware removal client. It will present itself as a pop up telling you that … Read more →

Cameron Diaz – The Most Dangerous Celebrity Search Query

One year ago, Jessica Biel was the most dangerous celebrity online. Now, it’s Cameron Diaz. What’s making celebs so dangerous? Viruses! Celebrities are very popular decoys for the bad guys to lure non-tech-savvy people into virus-spreading websites. According to McAfee, Cameron Diaz is currently the most dangerous, because if you search for her, there’s a … Read more →

Top 10 Most Dangerous Celebrities Online – Jessica Biel In The Lead

You’re tech savvy enough to steer clear from hidden viruses and malware inside screensavers, ringtones etc. related to certain celebrities, right? Never the less, if you know somebody that’s not, make sure you send them the link to this post (or use any of the ‘social media’ icons at the bottom) – thank you! The … Read more →