Cameron Diaz – The Most Dangerous Celebrity Search Query

One year ago, Jessica Biel was the most dangerous celebrity online. Now, it’s Cameron Diaz. What’s making celebs so dangerous? Viruses!

Celebrities are very popular decoys for the bad guys to lure non-tech-savvy people into virus-spreading websites. According to McAfee, Cameron Diaz is currently the most dangerous, because if you search for her, there’s a 10% chance you’ll end up at a website spreading virus.

This year, Julia Roberts is the 2nd most dangerous and last years “winner”, Jessica Biel, is down to 3rd spot. On fourth is Gisele (who’s that?!) and Brad Pitt as 5th most dangerous celebrity search query.

McAfee says that the reason for Diaz being leader of the pack right now is due to her appearance in two big-name movies, “Knight and Day” and “Shrek”.

So, be careful out there!

6 thoughts on “Cameron Diaz – The Most Dangerous Celebrity Search Query”

  1. Wow! Really? If I do not have any anti virus then it would be that my computer is now a powerful virus conductor. Cameron Diaz is definitely my all time crush second is Julia Roberts. Jessica Alba not Jessica Biel is my third. šŸ™‚ Is there any cure for this stuff?

  2. Hah – I guess if a celebrity notices that she/he no longer is a dangerous/virus search, it’s something to be kind of sad about, means they’re no longer the hot search topic!

  3. Why I like her? Ohh, wauw. She is so beautiful, and so talented. She is a great celebrity and so funny. She is really sexy, and her and Jude Law, could be a great, and hot couple! Like in “The Holiday”. Fantastic film, by the way. I Love Cameron Diaz.

  4. There is no doubt that she is really gorgeous and a wonderful human being. I really like what she said when asked about her age. Even though she is now at his late 30’s she still looks young. Funny secret she got. Just figure it out guys.


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