Here’s What the iGaming Industry Can Teach Us About Adapting to New Tech

In this modern era where access to the internet is mostly instantaneous and 5G, VR and AR are on the horizon, we’re often quick to forget where this all started. Back in the day, just logging on to the internet sometimes took ages and every attempt was accompanied by the nightmare-noise that was dial-up. Meanwhile, mobile phones weren’t much better as just booting up the primitive browser was a slog, never mind using data roaming to actually surf the web.

Fortunately, many technologies, industries and brands evolved over the years, with one of the most impressive examples being the iGaming industry. That is online casinos. Many were created to offer games and experiences to casino fans who couldn’t visit brick-and-mortar venues and with every single advancement in technology, online casinos adapted. Here, we’ll be looking at just how well iGaming improved and what we can learn from the industry.


Even though Netscape and Internet Explorer were the only browser options for quite a few years, and was perhaps the most popular search engine, this didn’t stop entrepreneurs and forward-thinking marketers from attempting to build websites. They were often small, with low-res images and speeds so slow they would likely drive us bonkers today. But one of the leading forces for many of these browsers was games. Specifically, online casino games such as slots, as they were small enough for the browsers to host and since players didn’t have anything to compare the speeds and graphics to, they were often just overjoyed to have any access to their favourite games.

Since then the iGaming industry has improved user-experience dramatically. Now, players can access their favourite casino games in a matter of seconds, whether it be slots, table games, scratch cards or even live games. Brand new titles with spectacular high-res graphics, impeccable sound design and on-point interactivity are now a regular occurrence. Already in 2019 platforms such as have welcomed dozens of new titles, from a new Age of the Gods slot to reboots of Classic Roulette. The iGaming industry has been and hopefully will continue to be in full sync with the world of desktop technology.

Mobiles & Tablets

Thankfully, the same can be said for iGaming platforms, which have transcended desktops and are now big names in the mobile and tablet gaming industry as well. Early mobile games were extremely limited, offering no more than Snake or Pong. Fortunately, they evolved and now few people on Earth can go without their smartphone: access to the internet, social media and apps are all reasons why, but games are a huge draw, too. Many are casino games that can be accessed via an app or through mobile web browsers. As with desktop, the iGaming industry has kept in lock-step with mobile and tablet gaming tech, to make casino games available on-the-go and everywhere.

Of the many industries that exist in our modern world, iGaming is clearly one of the best at adapting. Those behind the big brands are clearly keeping an eye on the next step. Occasionally they have led the way and ensured that a tech evolution is sustainable and successful.

With AR and VR slowly becoming more popular, we’re sure that online casino games will play a big part in the tech and if you’ve learned anything from this piece, you’ll be watching to see where they head to next. After all, if online casinos back a tech, then you should probably do the same.

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