Apple Watch credited for Saving Man who would have Died on the Couch

Once again, the Apple Watch has helped save its owner’s life.

The nifty Apple device, in this story, alerted its user that they had a racing pulse following a quick nap, which turned out to be pretty serious – the user was diagnosed with severe internal bleeding.

The Apple Watch possesses a bunch of different alerts to aid users in monitoring their health, including measuring the pulse rate. According to a post on Reddit, one fortunate individual got saved from a possibly fatal situation all thanks to that one particular alert.

On Thursday, February 16, a person who goes by the username “digitalmofo” wrote a post in the r/AppleWatch subreddit entitled “Well, my Apple Watch 7 just saved my life” shared his short story on how the wearable device notified them of a medical issue.

A week before this happened, the user had set their iPhone and Apple Watch to “Do not Disturb for work” and felt tired after having lunch so he took a quick nap on the couch. After the nap, he saw at least 10 notifications on the Apple Watch that said his pulse was racing.

He took the rest of the day off to relax, but his pulse kept on racing, so he video-called his doctor who said to check the times and pulse rates as well as his oxygen level. Ultimately, the doctor decided to call 911.

The user apparently suffered from severe internal bleeding:

“Severe internal bleeding, I had a little over 3 g/dL hemoglobin, and my normal is about 15. EMS originally said it was a heart attack, but it was GI bleeding.”

In a follow-up post, the user revealed they lost five pints of blood, with an endoscopy showing a diagnosis of esophagitis, gastritis, duodenitis, and a hiatal hernia.

“They said had I not got there for a transfusion when I did, I’d not have made it.

So bless the Nurses, Drs, the people who gave blood and everybody who helped work on me, but I’d have just passed out and died without ever knowing if not for my Apple Watch.”

Image: India Today