10 Best SEO Friendly Elementor Themes in 2023

Looking for the best Elementor theme this year? Search no more as this blog covers everything that you are questing for!

When you want your website to rank well in search engines then you are already focusing on the bigger things where keyword research, links, etc. are significant stuff. But choosing the right SEO-friendly Elementor theme also plays a great role in making these mentioned important stuff work and bring desired results.

With the help of the best SEO-friendly Elementor theme, your website will be SEO optimized the day you start utilizing it.  Once you start using the Elementor theme the entire foundation of your website will be optimized and you will only have to add other tactics to make your site rank well.

However, WordPress Elementor themes should be built correctly from the start to allow SEO to work in your favor. If your Elementor theme is not optimized for SEO then it will struggle to rank in search engines, no matter how well you have drafted your content.

In this blog, we will emphasize the features you should look for in an SEO-optimized Elementor theme. By end of this post, you will be able to decide which characteristics make each of the themes great for SEO and which one is the best in the lot.

What is an Elementor theme? What makes it SEO friendly?

Before moving forward with your search in finding the best SEO Elementor theme, it is important to know what it actually means. Elementor is a well-known drag and drop plugin for WordPress. This page builder can create stunning websites from mere scratch. There are several Elementor templates and themes to get the desired WordPress site.

If we talk about the Elementor theme then it gives you the freedom to design templates for various parts of your website. For instance, you can easily design a template to change the layout of your blog posts or the header of the page. You cannot utilize the Elementor without a theme. This is because WordPress needs themes for each site.

Now you have gained knowledge about what the Elementor theme is. Let us find out what you should look for in an Elementor theme to thrive your website rankings on Google.

  • Schema markup

This is a type of code that provides detailed information to search engines. It helps Google and other search engines to gain a better understanding of your website. Schema markup improves rankings and presentation in search results and greater CTR (clickthrough rate).

  • Page speed

Fast performance is one of the ranking factors in Google results both on mobile and desktop. This arises the need of opting for a theme that loads your website faster on any resolution. Other than SEO advantages, page speed is a vital factor that provides the best user experience and lowers the bouncing rates which means increased time on a site.

  • Enhanced headers tags

Whenever you read any news either on your mobile, desktop, or paper the first thing you scan is the ‘headline. The header tags help in marking the content headline to attract search engines as well as readers to go through your site content and see what you have to offer. Header tags mostly include H1, H2, H3, and so on in a website. A good Elementor theme will get these header tags optimized as well.

  • Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs help Google and other search engines to understand the structure of your website and boost the internal linking as well. The correct breadcrumbs and schema markup strengthen the look and performance of your website on search results.

  • Highly responsive design & mobile-friendly

In the year 2018, Google shifted to mobile-first indexing which means it uses the mobile version of a website in its ranking systems. Many people emphasize more on optimizing the desktop version of their website but it is not the only thing that Google and search engines look at. High-quality and mobile responsive design is a major part of the SEO-friendly Elementor theme.

  • Display updating dates

Google offers ample rewards for updated content. You need to make sure that your content is religiously updated. The Elementor theme will show the last updated date instead of the published date of the content which makes your website SEO friendly. You can offer fresh and updated things through your content and help your readers to know about your website.

Now you know what things make an Elementor theme SEO friendly. Let us dig into the 10 best SEO-friendly Elementor themes in 2023 and make your website truly profitable.

1.   Astra

One of the admired WordPress themes that go well together with Elementor. You can easily do the customization and build a gorgeous-looking website for your business to attract the audience. It is less than 50kb in size making it super lightweight. This offers a single-click installation process and ultra-fast loading speed. You get the freedom to control the design for each and every post on your webpage.

Key features of Astra:

  • Compatibility: Astra theme is compatible with the latest Elementor version i.e. 2.0. You can easily design headers & footers and other dynamic content.
  • Starter sites: It has ready-made starter sites that are put up with popular page builders including Elementor which can be easily imported to your site using the Mighty Elementor addons plugin.
  • Schema markup: It has built-in schema markup including breadcrumbs.
  • Translation ready: You can easily convert your site into several languages that are preferred by your audience.
  • Integration: Astra has got special plugin integration like WooCommerce, LearnDash, and LifterLMS.
  • Responsive: This theme is compatible with multiple devices and manifold resolutions.

2.   GeneratePress

This theme is also one of the popular ones when we talk about WordPress themes. There are more than 4 lakh active installations that provide compatibility with all popular page builders including Elementor. It offers ready-made Elememtor templates to enhance your website looks.

GeneratePress is a lightweight and cleanly coded WordPress theme which offers a super-fast load. Its full design control helps you change the sider, header, footer, and width of boxes. You can easily disable the header, footer, image, navigation, and title. You get styling control for layout and color schemes.

Key features of GeneratePress:

  • Library: You will get dozens of ready-made themes and layouts with other page builders including Elementor.
  • Integration: GeneratePress offers global styling options and with its help, you can create your own WooCommerce store.
  • Control: You can easily personalize margins, padding, sidebars, and other vital elements of this theme. You get full control over blog layouts, spacing, background, navigation, and other elements.
  • Layout: There are more than 70 typography options in this theme.
  • Sections: A section is a type of page builder that allows you to add content throughout the website.

3.   Zakra

This theme is another WordPress theme that works well with the Elementor page builder. This one is also lightweight and offers great flexibility in theme. Zakra theme alone serves over 60k WordPress sites. Like any other Elementor page builder theme, this also has ready-made designs and websites that can easily be imported into your WordPress site.

Key features of Zakra:

  • Ready-made site: It has ready-made demo websites to start your own without creating it from scratch.
  • Integration: You can create your own WooCommerce store and add or edit products hassle-freely.
  • Translation: This theme is integrated with the Polylang plugin and WPML which helps you translate the entire website into multiple languages.
  • RTL (right to left) ready: You can easily create and translate the website as this theme is RTL ready.
  • Setting control: This theme provides thorough setting controls on all web pages which helps you control headers, footers, designs, and other components.

4.   Hello

Hello is a free Elementor theme that has more than 7 lakh installations. This theme offers minimalistic design options and other styling choices to users. Hello is specifically designed for Elementor which allows you to create landing pages easily with Elementor Pro. This theme is also lightweight. Plus due to its minimalistic design, you can easily create instant loading and exquisite sites.

This theme works well when you use it with the Elementor Pro plugin as it doesn’t have inbuilt headers, footers, and other elements options. So building them with Elementor Pro will be more convenient for you.

Key features of Hello:

  • Fast: Due to its lightweight this theme can help you create a website instantly to appear in search results.
  • Minimal: This theme offers minimum styling options that give maximum freedom to design your own.
  • Updated: Hello theme is just made for Elementor which is tested, and optimized with new elements to stay updated and meet the greater standard.

5.    Hestia

Hestia is another most prevalent Elementor theme that utilizes modern design styles that easily integrate with your website content. This theme has more than 1lakh active installations. It offers multilevel page controls and optimized code to build a stunning yet modern WordPress site.

Key features of Hestia:

  • Customization: This theme offers powerful customization that gives you ample flexibility to create simple as well as multifaceted websites.
  • Compatibility: Hesta is compatible with WordPress page builders including Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy, Divi, etc.
  • Integration: This theme can easily be integrated with WooCommerce to create stunning yet SEO-friendly websites.
  • Demo: It has inbuilt demo sites that can be imported into your site easily.
  • Page sections: The two new sections—pricing and portfolio are recently added to Hestia. You can use these sections to showcase your product pricing and creative work.

6.   Page builder Framework

This theme is easy to personalize, light in weight, and specifically designed for Elementor page builder. The size of the page builder framework is less than 50KB. Its free version is serving over 20k websites as of now. This theme offers thorough styling controls. You get the freedom to build your site from scratch with the help of its customizing tool.

Key features of page builder framework:

  • Compatible: This theme is specifically made for various WordPress page builders including Elementor and Beaver Builder.
  • Schema markup: The page builder framework has inbuilt schema markup.
  • Translation: This theme is fully compatible with WPML and other translation plugins.
  • Responsive: The page builder framework is extremely mobile responsive which makes your website work well on any type of device with any resolution.

7.   Phlox

This theme is feature-rich and also popular for Elementor. It has over 160 premium components for Elementor to extend this page builder functionality. Phlox lite version serves over 40k sites.

Key features of Phlox:

  • Premium: It offers over 160 premium elements which help in extending Elementor functionality.
  • Compatibility: This theme is compatible with other page builders such as Site Origin, WPBakery, etc.
  • Integration: You can easily build a WooCommerce store as it integrates well with it.
  • Ready-made templates: Phlox has more than 40 ready-to-use templates that can be easily imported into your site.
  • Live previews: Its live customizer helps you preview the changes you will make to your site.
  • Layouts: It has numerous attractive portfolios which can be utilized to showcase your work.
  • Translation: This Theme is fully translation ready.

8.   Layers WP

This theme is compatible with the Elementor page builder. Layers WP is recently acquired by Elementor and made this extension free of cost. However, this theme is not available in the WordPress directory. You can download it only from its official website.

Key features of layers WP:

  • Live customizer: This theme comes with a live customizer which accelerates the web building process even faster.
  • Supports Google font: You can easily make your business website layout cooler as this theme has in-built Google font support.
  • Numerous options: This theme offers numerous customization options to personalize headers, footers, buttons, blog archives, website logos, etc.
  • Responsive: This theme makes your website look great and functional on all types of devices.

9.   Ocean WP

Ocean WP is also among the most popular Elementor themes in the market with over 7 lakh active installations. It works well for smaller as well as a larger WordPress sites. This theme can also boost your page builder and provides unique widgets to accelerate the process of building your site.

This theme gives tough competition to other light-weighted and fast themes available in the market. Ocean WP is highly optimized which makes this theme load at a very fast speed. You can easily change layouts, headers, footers, and other components by using its page-level control. You will get a ready-made demo website in this extension that is built with Elementor. Additionally, you can easily stick anything inside your webpage using this theme.

Key features of Ocean WP:

  • Compatible: Ocean WP is compatible with various page builders including Elementor.
  • Widgets: You get extra Elementor widgets in its premium version.
  • Integration: It can be easily integrated with WooCommerce. You can make SEO-friendly layouts for your online store.
  • Popup login: Ocean WP can add popup forms to your online store.
  • Sharing: You can add various social sharing buttons on web pages, posts, and WooComerce pages.
  • Portfolio & cookie: You can simply create portfolios on your website with the help of this extension. Also, you can add cookie notice on your website with this theme.

10.   Total

This theme serves over 60 thousand sites. Total is a very versatile WordPress theme that is compatible with many popular WordPress page builders including visual composer and Elementor.

Its premium version has many amazing functionalities and features. This element gives you great flexibility to build attractive websites hassle-freely.

Key features of Total:

  • Demo sites: This theme has more than 40 demo sites that can be easily imported to your website.
  • Compatible: Total is highly compatible with many WordPress plugins such as WooCommerce, Tickera, Yoast SEO, Polylang, Digital Downloads, etc.
  • Building elements: This theme offers more than 100 ready-to-use and drag & drop visual composers and WPBakery to customize website page layouts.
  • Live customizer: Total has a live customizer where you can effortlessly make changes and preview them.
  • Translation: This theme is compatible with Polylang, Loco Translate, WPML, and other translation extensions that help you convert your entire website into any language.
  • Premium plugins: You get premium plugins such as Templatera, Visual Composer, LayerSlider, and Slider Revolution free of cost.
  • Friendly: Total comes with filter options and hooks. This means you get advanced personalizing options to make your website user-friendly.

Wrapping up

SEO-friendly Elementor themes can add great strength to your website. As you already know, getting in the spotlight of various search engines plays a key role in your site’s presence and its proliferation. Drafting and implementing strong SEO tactics is one thing, but having SEO-friendly and quality Elementor themes is another. A good Elementor theme offers a great loading speed, optimized images present on the site, and signify your business niche appropriately in front of millions of users.

If you are reading this post then you must be building a site and looking for the best yet SEO-friendly Elementor in the market. You should know that without a theme WordPress can’t do stuff that it is doing. Therefore, the best way to make your website stunning and stand out in the crowd is by pairing the WordPress site with the finest Elementor theme.

You can pick one mentioned in the above list that meets your expectation and make your website perform better. Also, if you are already using another Elementor theme that is not listed above then feel free to tell us using the comment section!

Guest article written by: Naveen is the marketing and product head at JoomDev. He loves to convert his ideas into reality by developing products to make your online business successful with his WordPress SEO plugins and mobile app development services.