4 Ways to View Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments

Viewing already deleted comments and posts may seem inappropriate at first, as they have been deleted for a reason. While that point still stands, this fact is also innate within us that mortal beings are curious beings, and they cannot help but wonder.

So in this article, I will be discussing the four different websites and ways how you can see deleted Reddit comments and posts.

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4 Ways to View Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments

Here are the four ways how you can see reddit posts and comments even after they have been deleted:

#1 Unddit

This is one of the most popular tools for seeing the already deleted Reddit comment and post threads. It enables one to view the deleted comments and post threads and also categorizes them based on color so that it gets differentiated as the content that got deleted, all based on who removed it.

Using this is also very easy. You just need to go over to their website: unddit.com, and then you need to move the unddit red color button to the bookmarks options. Next, you need to go to the deleted thread of Reddit that you want to see, and after the page has fully loaded, click on the Unddit button from the bookmarks bar.

Or you can simply replace the term “reddit” in the thread URL and replace it with the term “unddit,” and that will eventually take you to the same reddit data too.

It is to be noted that Unddit uses a red-blue color scheme to distinguish between moderator-removed and user-deleted comments in red & blue colors, respectively.

#2 Resavr

This website does not specifically allow searching for deleted content from Reddit in the form of posts. It can, though, help in viewing deleted comments on Reddit. The interface of this website is quite simple and easy to navigate. It lists down the deleted comments, and a user looking to pass some time can just go through the list of deleted comments on Reddit threads. 

To get more of the backstory and the context, it directly links you back to the original post so that it becomes easy for you to understand.

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#3 Google Cache

Google indexes web pages and saves up a cached version of those same web pages to display to the users. One can also view Reddit posts and comments this way. 

To start with, first, start searching for the Reddit post by searching for the title of the thread. After that, when the post comes up on the search engine results web page, click on the icon showing the three dots right next to the result. If you are at the bottom of the window, then you can find an option labeled “cached” – that just means that Google has a cached version of that same page, and now you can view that by clicking on the option.

If you are lucky enough, then you will get to see the thread of posts or comments that you wanted to see in the first place before Google crawls the pages again and saves up a new version of the page. 

#4 Reveddit

Upon a visit to the website of reveddit. com, at first, you will only find a single text field where you can enter the subreddit name, username, or even a link to the thread. On specifying the name of the subreddit, the website then scans and brings up all the results to find anything that has been deleted under it. You can then browse through all the results to search for that particular one that you are searching for or open up a thread that interests you.

Very similar to unddit, here you can input URLs for both specific threads and posts. Also you can additionally substitute the term “reddit” and replace it with the term “reveddit” to be able to view the deleted content of a particular thread directly. 

The only particular drawback of the site is that it does not display the comments that the users delete. Only the moderator deleted comments can be viewed on this particular website.

To Wrap It Up!

Reddit is home to some great conversations and discussions, which is why we cannot help but wonder what the deleted responses to a post or a deleted thread discussed about. I really hope that the next time you come across such deleted content on Reddit, you will utilize atleast one of these listed websites.

Thank you for reading up till here! I hope you found the information useful. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the same.

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