How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Salesforce Mobile Application?

Since adopting Salesforce CRM, businesses have seen a 300% increase in sales. The efficiency this cloud-based technology offers enterprises is easy to envisage.

Salesforce is renowned for its creative and forward-thinking working style. Among other things, the Salesforce mobile apps completely changed the world.

Salesforce mobile app development is being used by many companies across various industry verticals so that their company may expand rapidly and produce fruitful results.

The benefits, significance, cost of development, tools & technologies, and many other aspects of Salesforce mobile app development services will all be covered in this blog.

Advantages of the Salesforce Mobile App

  • Easy Access to Data

Quick access to all the necessary data is crucial for businesses and teams, and with top-notch mobile app development services, this is much simpler.

Your sales personnel no longer need to attend the office every day. Information may be imported or collected via mobile apps. The Salesforce apps also aid in eliminating wasteful procedures and assist firms in saving significant time and money. 

  • Personalized Sales Pitch

Your Salesforce database is readily available to the sales team at all times and from any location is another benefit of the Salesforce mobile app.

Businesses may fill their sales funnels with more qualified leads thanks to the personalized sales pitch. Consequently, it increases your organization’s total success.

  • Greater functionality

One of its finest features is the ease with which the Salesforce mobile applications may be integrated with other apps. They may automate daily chores like scanning barcodes to capture images, accessing the interaction history of each client, and many more by using competent Salesforce mobile app development services. For better outcomes, work with a leading Salesforce development company.

  • Improve the Accuracy of Information

Businesses may receive reliable, accurate information using Salesforce mobile apps. The team inputs are received by mobile CRM, which feeds them into the CRM system and provides the users with all the information.

Another crucial element is that the CRM updates the information once a salesman closes a deal. The entire organization maintains real-time communication this way.

  • Offline Mobility

Users of the mobile CRM can keep all pertinent data in the phone’s internal storage thanks to the offline capability. Therefore, the CRM receives complete data synchronization when an internet connection is available. 

Features of Salesforce Mobile Applications

When you hire a Salesforce consulting firm to develop a Salesforce mobile app, having a prior understanding of the feature will be helpful.

The top features of the Salesforce mobile app are as follows:

  • Instantaneous Collaboration 
  • Simple to Calculate Sales Numbers
  • Organized Work
  • Urgent Messages 
  • Quick Deal Closing 

Tech Stack Required To Create Salesforce Apps

The tools and technologies useful during the Salesforce mobile app development are mentioned below: 

  • Declarative Tools
  • Apex 
  • Lightning Component
  • Visualforce 
  • API & Integration Tools
  • Chatter 
  • Salesforce Mobile SDK

Costs to build Salesforce Mobile Apps 

Salesforce mobile app development costs vary depending on several factors. The size and scope of the project, the difficulty of the design, the SFDC edition, and the developer’s expertise are the main determinants of cost.

To give you a realistic estimate of the development expense, nevertheless. Accordingly, the cost of development for small company projects ranges from $13,000 to $28,000, while the cost of development for Salesforce projects for large enterprises is between $23,000 and $45,000. 


Every firm that uses Salesforce as its primary platform for daily duties must go through the critical step of developing mobile apps for the platform. There are numerous app development companies, so you must choose a Salesforce development company according to their expertise and portfolio. We hope you find this blog to be beneficial.

Guest article written by: Helen Ruth has over five years of experience as a senior mobile app developer at SparxIT. She often writes blogs about the latest trends in the mobile app industry.