What is Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB? A Detailed Guide

Summary: Developers can now build highly responsive and intelligent apps with the help of AI. However, these apps need a proper database to manage data. Besides, developers want tools and platforms to keep their apps functioning well. So, in this blog, we will walk you through the importance of Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB for more insights. 

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Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB is a widely used NoSQL service in the software domain. It provides an ideal platform for developers to store and manage data. Besides, it offers a wide range of tech stacks with advanced tools and features. Therefore, it is a multi-model NoSQL database that provides a fully managed service with less hassle and high scalability. Hence, the developers can scale up and down their apps in real time whenever they need to.

Besides, Cosmos DB for MongoDB has a similar database to MongoDB. In other words, they have the same MongoDB drivers, SDKs, and tools for your app. Thus, the developers can use Azure Cosmos DB if they have expertise in MongoDB. So, in this article, we will let you get an understanding of Cosmos DB MongoDB through the following topics:

  • What is an Azure Cosmos DB?
  • What is MongoDB?
  • The key features of Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB
  • What are the benefits of Cosmos DB for MongoDB

Let us start!

What is an Azure Cosmos DB?

Azure Cosmos DB is an example of a multi-model database with many benefits. Besides, it is a globally distributed NoSQL database service that provides scalability. In other words, the customer gets data from across multiple data centers in various locations. As a result, this database brings the data closer to the customer. 

Besides, it offers low latency, availability, throughput, and high consistency levels supported by solid service level agreements (SLAs). As a result, this database technology keeps high performance and accuracy with high-speed data. Now, we will briefly explain their features:


  • It is a globally distributed database that allows replicated data across data centers for fast performance.
  • It provides multiple data models to choose from.
  • Ensures accuracy and reliability by offering updated data across the regions.
  • Cosmos DB helps handle a high volume of data by horizontally scaling up the data.
  • It provides rapid responsiveness.
  • It ensures defense against hardware failures.
  • Cosmos DB ensures the availability and durability of data. 

Now, we will study the concept of MongoDB to know its role in Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB. 

What is MongoDB?

MongoDB is a perfect database choice for modern and cloud applications. Besides, it is a distributed and robust NoSQL database that stores data in BSON format. In other words, it ingests the data in the form of a binary encoding of JSON documents and objects. Moreover, you can design and structure your data according to your needs using MongoDB. 

Further, MongoDB runs as a service database without causing any hassles to the app. Besides, it enables you to use it on multiple cloud platforms. As a result, it adds more benefits to Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB. However, you can also use it on local systems, like Windows and Linux. 


  • It is a document-based model that has dynamic schemas for flexible data storage.
  • MongoDB allows horizontal scaling across multiple data centers.
  • It has a robust aggregation framework, ad hoc queries, and complex joins.
  • MongoDB provides horizontal data partitioning.
  • It offers a flagship service for managed service or private cloud installation.
  • MongoDB acts as a driver for frameworks and programming languages.

We hope you now know the difference between Cosmos DB and MongoDB. We will define the features of Cosmos DB for MongoDB in the next section.

What are the features of Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB?

Cosmos DB for MongoDB is highly popular because of its features. It combines the features and power of both Azure Cosmos DB and MongoDB. So, let us see what its features are. They are as follows:

  • High availability 

Cosmos DB for MongoDB guarantees availability at any scale with high speed and throughput. Besides, it offers fast access and elasticity backed by SLA. Moreover, it provides turnkey replication with low latency to handle different workloads. 

  • Simplified app development 

With MongoDB, you can leverage drivers with minimal application code change and schema-less data. Besides, you will get a built-in MongoDB shell with libraries and tools. Further, it supports ACID-based multi-document transactions and integrates Azure services in Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB. Moreover, it tracks changes in the database and provides an emulator for developing apps locally.

  • Highly managed

Cosmos DB for MongoDB manages maintenance and updates regularly. Besides, it has a database that is manageable with serverless deployments, instantaneous autoscale, and free tier at less cost. Moreover, it offers upgraded APIs with zero downtime and a single click. As a result, Cosmos DB for MongoDB is cost-effective and fully managed. 

  • Fully fledged 

This database service has data replication and availability worldwide. Moreover, it guarantees zero downtime and enterprise-level security for the app. As a result, it keeps the business on track with its strong consistency.  

If you plan to get Cosmos DB for MongoDB database service, ensure to get a service provider who can meet your needs. With the help of a professional, you will get the finest database solution for your app. Besides, you will get access to global talents and experts for suggestions and services.

What are the benefits of Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB?

With the help of Azure Cosmos DB MongoDB compatibility, you will get the benefits of both of them. In the following points, you will gain insights into why you should consider using Cosmos DB for MongoDB. The benefits are as follows:

  • Scalability 

Most database services take hours to days to scale up and scale down data. However, with the help of Cosmos DB for MongoDB, you will have the autoscale feature to provide instant scaling at zero time. As a result, you will get instantaneous scalability for your data.

  • Automatic sharding 

MongoDB has APIs to manage the whole infrastructure of the app. As a result, it helps automate and optimize multiple shards with total transparency. Besides, you can horizontally scale and manage the sharding with the help of MongoDB Atlas. As a result, Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB helps you to focus on core business activities. 

  • Five 9’s of availability 

With the help of Microsoft Azure DocumentDB Core and MongoDB, you can scale your data on demand and make it configurable. As a result, it ensures 99.999% availability. In simpler terms, the data will be available for you anywhere

  • Support active database 

Using MongoDB only sustains an active-passive database for executing writes and reads for the data. However, Cosmos DB for MongoDB supports an active-active database that helps shard data and performs writes and reads for the same data using active nodes. 

  • Monitoring capabilities 

Cosmos DB for MongoDB offers monitoring capabilities for you with the help of Azure Monitor. So, the Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB integrates with Azure Monitor natively and provides deeper monitoring abilities.

  • Access control 

Using native Azure tooling, you can assign granular roles and permissions to the users. As a result, the users can access your data without any hindrance. Besides, it allows you to assess the actions of the users while using your data.

  • Fast upgrades 

You can update and make version changes since all the APIs use the same codebase. As a result, the update will only take a few seconds without any downtime.

  • Free tier 

Your account will first get 1000 RU/s and 25 GB storage for free with the help of Azure Cosmos DB sample data free tier. Hence, your account will get sandboxed automatically without the need to pay for its usage.

  • Serverless deployments 

You get serverless capacity when you are using Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB. Therefore, you must only pay when you are using the database

  • Real-time analytics 

You will get real-time analytics with less cost and time. It uses cloud-native analytical tools for real-time analysis. 

  • Cost efficient 

This database allows you to scale up and down the size depending on your needs. In other words, you do not have to pay extra for unused resources while scaling up your database.

  • Continuous backups 

Cosmos DB for MongoDB offers 7-day free backups for the database. As a result, you can restore the data anytime within a 7-day free trial.



If you want to build modern apps on Azure or modernize MongoDB, Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB is an ideal choice. It gives complete service with multi-API that offers low latency for your database. Besides, with the help of its features, you will get a powerful and effective solution. So, connect with professionals and get expert-level suggestions for your database.

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