YouTube may soon Offer Online Games

YouTube, the biggest video streaming platform, may soon offer online games. According to reports, the streaming giant has been testing online games and has even invited some of their employees to test out a new product currently called “Playables.” Basically, this gives the testers an access to online games titles.

The games can be played either through a personal computer or through a smartphone. Accessing the game can be done using the web browser of a computer, or through an app when using a smartphone. The ability to play games on either computer or smartphone gives users versatility as it allows players to access their games using the smart computing device currently available to them.

A spokesperson for the company said that YouTube has been looking at gaming as a feature that can be added to the streaming service. They also expressed that they are currently experimenting with new features and that there really was ‘nothing to announce right now.’

If YouTube will be able to successfully implement online games to their features, the move will surely add more revenue for the company. Additionally, as a streaming service, the company already earns from the livestreams of gamers. If users can also livestream their YouTube games, the company’s potential overall revenue will essentially increase. After all, gaming has now become a norm for a big percentage of smartphone users. The ability to access and play games from a trusted app or site like YouTube may likely increase the gamer demographic.

What do you think – Will you play games on YouTube if they decide to offer them?