July 2009: Blog Summary & Income (My First Month Of Blogging)

by Klaus on August 2, 2009

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techpatio_july_visitsSince the beginning of TechPatio.com, I decided that I wanted to share my blogging experiences with my readers. I’ve seen it in several places, but I also understand that some bloggers don’t care much about sharing their earnings and visitor stats with total strangers. Nevertheless, I believe – for now at least – that it’s important that others will be able to benefit from my knowledge and my experience.

After all, how can I expect users to buy the products that I review or visit sites that I recommend, if I have a hidden agenda of only making money…?  I don’t have such an agenda, but it’s part of my challenge to see what kind of money can be brought in simply by blogging. By sharing the details, others will hopefully think for themselves something like “If this dude can, so can I.” – and I hope that I can, so you can too!

I’ll be using Google Analytics for visitor stats.

July 2009

Visits: 803
Pageviews: 1,441
Pages/visit: 1.79
Bounce rate: 71.28%
Avg. time on site: 00:01:30
New visits: 73.10%

Traffic Sources
Direct traffic: 40%
Search engines: 33%
Referring traffic: 27%

Google Adsense: $1.82
Clickbank: $112.07

Total: $113.89

It’s worth mentioning that I haven’t really done much advertising at all. I have a few Google Adsense banners and I did a few posts about the Become A Blogger program, which is also my only source of income from Clickbank in July.


July 2009 has been a month of:

  • Learning about blogging in the year of 2009 (last time I did it, was many years ago).
  • Content creation – getting some stuff online before getting visitors.
  • Building relationships with the ‘twitterhood’ and other bloggers, commenting on blogs etc.
  • Deciding on a more professional looking theme, will switch to Thesis sometime in August.

So overall I’m satisfied with all the numbers. I didn’t expect to make any money at all and I don’t have high expectations for August 2009 either, so anything above $0.00 will be appreciated :-)

I was looking through WordPress admin to see if there was an easy way of finding out how many posts I made in July as well as the number of comments approved. I didn’t find any such feature, but while looking in my akismet spam queue for comments, I did find a few real comments that were trapped some how. I just approved them, sorry that your comments took a few days to show up, Not John Chow, Extreme John and vlandau :)

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