Apple: iPad 3 event on March 7th *CONFIRMED*

by Klaus on February 28, 2012

in iPad, Tech News

Rumors said Apple would announce the iPad 3 on March 7th – and now it’s been confirmed. Apple just sent out an invitation to the press (see photo above), which clearly indicates that it has something to do with iPad’s.

The press event will take place in Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, March 7th at 10:00 PST (19:00 CET).

As for the iPad shown on the photo above, MacRumors apparently got a hold of the screen in the new iPad 3 a short while ago. They examined it and conduced that the pixel size was 4 times smaller on this new display compared to iPad 2, meaning iPad 3 will likely have a 4x higher resolution. Judging by the photo above, where you can see how crisp the text is, “Calendar”, I’d say it seems very likely the new iPad 3 has a pretty sweet resolution!

Gizmodo also chimes in with an analysis of the iPad 3 invitation photo, they claim the iPad is shown in portrait mode on the photo, and since we can’t see a Home button on the photo, the Home button must be gone from the new iPad 3 – or moved elsewhere.


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