Do you Receive Calls through a Tattoo?

by Guest Author on April 9, 2012

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Confused by the title? Nokia has patented a new Tattoo design that will alert for calls, messages or e-mails. The phrase ‘Technology gets under your skin’ has taken over literally.

The goal is to eliminate the odds of missing a call or text message. An impulse is perceived through the tattoo whenever someone is trying to contact through the phone.

How does it work?

The tattoo acts as a receiver. Whenever an incoming signal is received, magnetic wave is transmitted to the tattoo. Upon receiving the signal, the tattoo sets of a perceivable vibration which can be felt by the skin. Simple and effective is the explanation.

However, the real turn of technology comes in the customization. Calls and messages can be customized just as we have different ringtones for various contacts. The tactile response through the tattoo can be customized for various contacts.

After the patent was filed a report from Unwired said it’s possible. The magnetic waves generated from the mobile phone can be used to synchronize the tattoo. Principle is the same as synchronizing the mobile and Bluetooth.

How is the tattoo magnetized?

The tattoo makes use of ferromagnetic ink. The ink contains compound like iron/iron oxide. Before the tattoo can be designed over your skin it has to be demagnetized. The process is carried over by heating to several temperatures high. At this temperature the ink is incorporated under your skin. For magnetizing the ink, a magnet is frequently rubbed over the spot.

This technology has some pros and cons.


1. You will be alerted to every contact

2. The odd of missing a call boils down to zero.

3. No more nuisances with the loud ringtones.

4. Battery life will probably increase as vibrations and ringtones will no longer be required.


1. Just because your friends want to say ‘Hi’ you do not want that tactile response to bother you. This is a major drawback. Calls and messages which are trivial will make life bothersome.

2. Unnecessary calls can’t be screened. I wonder whether the technology has room to avoid unwanted calls. Even if it were possible, the technology will be more invasive and it no longer will it be called as tattoo.

3. Tactile response is the key in this technology. However, as humans, it is possible to ignore the response involuntarily. The response to stimuli effect is valid only for responses that occur infrequently over a long period. If you receive several calls per day it shouldn’t surprise for your skin to become numb sooner or later.

Sticker – A Non-Invasive Method

If you find the above technology to be creepy then perhaps you can make use of the alternative. The tattoo is replaced by a sticker which is also magnetized. The sticker vibrates when you receive any call/text message or mail over your mobile.


If this patent comes into action then apart from living as humans we will also take pride in being extensions of smartphones. Isn’t technology our brain child?

Guest article written by: Richie Richardson is passionate about Social Media, Internet Marketing and SEO. He is also a forex trader which led him to write on forex bonus and forex no deposit bonus.

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