The NetBook is dead and soon gone!

by Klaus on January 2, 2013

in Hardware, Tech News

As of January 2013, Asus and Acer will no longer be making netbooks. Asus launched the first netbook, Eee PC, back in 2007, but now it’s over.

Asus did try to revive the netbook market last year with its Eee PC 1024 Flare Series with Intel Atom processor, which was able to boot from sleep-mode in just 2 seconds (kinda like tablets are instant-on), Asus called it the “worlds fastest netbook”. But it wasn’t enough, customers were not interested.

The cheap netbooks are mostly sold in South East Asia and South America, but also in these markets they have been overtaken by cheap Android tablets and smartphones.

Apparently the netbook death is a combination of factors such as financial crisis, iPads and tablets, expensive Windows licenses and general disappointed with netbooks (performance issues?).

Intel will continue to make its Atom processor which will be used in intelligent TV’s and smartphones.

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