Five Less Talked About SEO Techniques That Can Bring Good Fortune for Marketing Campaigns

by Guest Author on September 25, 2017

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As new methods of marketing emerge in the online marketing scene, it appeared at a time that SEO has become a thing of the past and has lost its sheen and power. However, the ground reality is quite different. SEO is much alive and kicking, and you must not heed naysayers who have long ago written it off. Not including search engine optimization in your marketing plans from an early stage is the biggest mistake that you could make as a marketer and repent later. Rather, including it on your priority list would give you a considerable advantage that you will realize when you see the business growing.

The sooner you do it, better it would be for you. It is not at all difficult to run marketing campaigns with proper optimization of search engines that can give rich dividends. In this article, we will talk about some simple but effective SEO techniques that can turn the tide in your favor.

Maximize your exposure on the social media

The social media platform gives endless opportunities of making your business entity seen by the world‘s population, and you must prudently use it to increase visibility. Instead of limiting your existence on social media channels that you most prefer, try to spread across as many channels as possible. Since the purpose is to draw the attention of the audience, you must have significant activity on all the channels so that you can make people aware of your existence.

Just being present on the social media channels will do no good to the business cause unless you can drive the business on these channels. You might question the wisdom of the SEO expert in suggesting to be active even on channels with lower outreach but not being there at all could deny you even of the few leads that might generate from those channels. The approach of something is better than nothing works well in this case.

Increase traffic with app for mobile devices

It needs no special mention that you must have a responsive design for your website so people can view it with equal ease on the smaller screens of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. As more and more people are using mobile devices for accessing the internet, the website gains high exposure. However, you must not become complacent and stop at it. Build on the exposure that you achieve by using the mobile app because Google is likely to start indexing mobile apps in line with its policy of mobile first indexing.

Pay attention to landing page optimization

Landing pages have a tremendous potential of enhancing SEO, but you must know how to make landing pages work for the campaign. For increasing the effectiveness of landing pages, it is not enough to limit your expectations on the amount of traffic that reaches it but how best you can generate conversions from it. That is possible by optimizing the landing pages suitably and using long-form content that is comprehensive and compelling. Publish high-quality content preferably not less than 2000 words and ensure that it addresses the concerns of the audience so that they can find answers to their problems in it. Using a few long tail keywords in content can give spectacular results in audience response and engagement.

Do not forget to optimize images

Like the pages, you must also optimize the images that you use on the website. The search engines have a liking for fast loading sites and the reason why it ranks better in search results. Viewers too are fond of sites whose pages open fast and does not take more than two seconds for it. When you achieve both, you are miles ahead of your competitors in earning high ranks in search results. Images are primarily responsible for website speed among many other factors. Having large images would reduce the site speed, but if you have to use it, then the best way of doing is to optimize the images to compress its size so that it occupies less space and enhances the loading speed. Another important aspect about images is that every image must have a name.

Use more infographics

Just like the picture that have the power of thousands of words, infographics increase the attraction of websites because viewers like it. Concisely presenting relevant information is like hitting the bull’s eye, and infographics are great tools for achieving the goal. Create attractive infographics packed with useful information that viewers would like. Make it aesthetically beautiful by using sketches, graphs, and tables. Combine the infographics with textual content to facilitate indexing because search engines do not index the content of the infographics.

How well you have applied the techniques will reflect in the SEO results. However, do not expect things to change overnight because SEO takes time to deliver.

Guest article written by: Steven Bernard is an SEO expert with long experience in the field. He has worked for various companies and is currently a consultant in his own capacity. Preaching for SEO is his motto, and he uses his writing skills for it. 

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