What should you prepare for post the launch of your mobile app?

by Guest Author on June 23, 2018

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Now that you’ve released your mobile app, which is a feat by itself, you aren’t quite done with it! There are a couple of things that you need to plan and prepare for. So, what do you do next? Do you plan for your next steps – a new app, adding some functionality to the launched app, working on its web version and so on. Looking towards what you need to do next is just as important as your launch and its success. After all, you need a roadmap and we’ve put together some of the things that get missed out post launch in this blog to help you plan ahead and be ready to combat any problem that might arise (we don’t wish to scare you! We simply wish for you to be prepared!)

Bug fixing

As any developer involved in iOS/Android app development would know, bug fixing is part of the job. You aren’t done by simply launching your app; you have to stay prepared for bugs. No application is perfect, nobody can envision every scenario and anticipate every app crash! It is imperative to have a team or at least a plan to handle bugs and comb through user reviews and feedback to see if there are any problems that need to be fixed right away. Deciding upon the priority of bugs is important in this respect and working out a TAT for them is also essential in our opinion. This sort of a system has worked out for us and we are top rated UI/UX developers not only because of what we’ve developed, it is also because of effective bug and crash report handling.

Checkout reviews and feedback

This will ensure that you are conversant with the pain points of your user base and understand what they appreciate and what needs improvement. How you respond to these reviews and work on them determines how your app will fare post launch. Reviews are a part and parcel of an app’s lifetime and your approach to them will determine your app’s continued success. If there are pain points that you need to address immediately, get to them right away. However, don’t simply ignore minor ones. Try to address them in your next update or release.

Adding new features and versions

It is a mad world out there and competition is sky high. There is simply no point stopping with what you have and supporting it. You have to develop and grow your app. After all, when you began brainstorming for the app, you would have had loads of ideas and finally brought all them to shape – eliminating a few, setting aside a few as not doable right now and so on. You should consider working on these for your next version. In case there aren’t many major changes, you should at least consider adding interesting features and cater to a wider audience. We also recommend that you provide multiple locale and language support in your app. This will help you reach a wider audience.

Extending your app

Don’t simply stop with iOS or Android. Once you launch, look towards launching your app in the Play Store, creating a web version for it and so on. In fact, even top-rated UI/UX developers develop only for single platforms initially and then extend to others post launch. For instance, if you are an iOS app developer and you’ve targeted the iPhone and iPad platforms alone, you can think of extending to the wearable platform, IoT and web arena as well. This will help you widen your reach and explore the full potential of your app.


You also need to get a handle on who is using your app, whether they continue to do so post download and who your demographic is. There are many software solutions to help you do these apart from those provided in the App Store and Play Store. This activity will ensure that you can track session details, user engagement, location specific data and so on. Also, we recommend that you gather crash reports and try to understand why it happened and whether it is a blocker for your app (in which case you need to get cracking on it right away).

We recommend that before you plan your 2.0 version for your app, you work on the above aspects to ensure that user engagement and revenue generation from your current app is on target.
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Guest article written by: PranayAgrawal is an entrepreneur, tech-enthusiast and the co-founder of MobileCoderz Technologies. He has helped many start-up’s build and execute their mobile strategies and has helped companies storm the mobile app market and revolutionize their business. PranayAgrawal occasionally dabbles in writing about technology, strategies for mobile app development and latest trends that are ruling the tech industry. You can find Pranay on LinkedIn.

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