Can open or import items from an offline Outlook data file OST?

Description: Are you searching for the way to open or import items from an Offline Outlook data file OST? If so then click to get the solution transfer items from an offline Outlook data file OST.

Can open or import items from an offline Outlook data file OST?

If you are wondering for the way to open or import items from an Offline Outlook data file OST then your query has been definitely resolved here. Because in this tutorial, we have explained the best and reliable techniques to open or import items from an Offline Outlook data file OST  by using OST to PST Converter.

Microsoft Outlook is the most popular and widely used email platform around the world. It allows for sending and receiving email around the world. It contains its complete Outlook mailbox files such as email messages, contacts, calendars, tasks, journals and all other mailbox items in an OST and Outlook default PST file.

In this blog post, we will share the journey to demystify the process of accessing or import items from an Offline Outlook data file OST. We will explore the best approach to open or import items from an Offline Outlook data file OST. 

Offline OST files play a crucial role in maintaining productivity and accessibility when connectivity is compromised. These serve as local repositories of essential email, calendars, and contacts data, ensuring seamless workflow continually working in offline scenarios. In this exploration, we will deliver into the capabilities and intricacies of opening an OST file into all versions of Outlook or any Outlook account without any hassle.

OST synchronizes automatically when you configure an IMAP account with Outlook. It works the same as their name as it allows users to access their mailbox offline. It contains a duplicate copy of mailbox data in a local computer.

OST file serves as a local cache, allowing users to access their emails and interact with their mailbox data even when internet connection is not available. This functionality ensures that users can continue working with their emails, calendar, contacts and all other mailbox items seamlessly, irrespective of internet availability. However, navigating the intricacies of the OST file, particularly concerning opening and importing  items, required a nuanced understanding.

If you are aware of the stand of Microsoft then you already know that you can’t open or import an OST file in any other profile or Outlook version. So, you need to transfer into Outlook default PST format to easily access it.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional seeking to optimize your workflow or an occasional user grappling with offline data access, this guide serves as your beacon in the realm of OST files. Join us as we unravel the layers of accessibility within Outlook, unlocking the potential for seamless data management and uninterrupted productivity, regardless of online constraints.

Why Do Users Want to Open or Transfer Items from an Offline Outlook Data file OST?

  • When a user gets an OST file from their customer and wants to open it on their own Outlook profile.
  • OST files store contact information, enabling users to access their address book and communicate with colleagues, clients, or other contacts stored in Outlook. This is essential for maintaining professional relationships and reaching out to individuals even in offline environments.
  • If the Exchange server gets downtime or a deleted Outlook account.
  • OST files contain copies of emails, including attachments, which users may need to access even when offline. These emails could contain important information, such as project updates, client communications, or crucial documents, that users need to reference or respond to regardless of internet connectivity.
  • Sometimes, users want to migrate from one computer to another.
  • When a user wants to open their old OST file.
  • Calendar events stored in OST files allow users to view their schedules, appointments, and reminders without relying on a connection to the Exchange server. This is particularly useful for professionals who need to manage their time effectively, even when offline, or for individuals traveling to areas with limited internet access.
  • If you want to open their backup OST file.
  • In situations where internet connectivity is disrupted, such as during network outages or when traveling without access to reliable Wi-Fi or cellular networks, opening and transferring items from OST files ensure continuity in accessing critical data. This continuity is vital for maintaining productivity and meeting deadlines, especially in fast-paced work environments.

How to Open or Import Items from an Offline Outlook Data File OST?

If you have an access of the Outlook then you perform with Outlook inbuilt import/export feature to complete the process as we have discussed below:

  • Open Outlook application and click on the file option.
  • Now, tap on open and export and press import/export.
  • Choose Export to a file and click the next button to proceed.
  • Now, choose Outlook PST File and hit next to confirm.
  • Choose mailbox data as you want to download.
  • Lastly, set location and click on finish to get output quickly.

Limitations of Manual Solution

  • It needs lots of time and is a very lengthy process.
  • Users must have advanced technical information to handle this process.
  • You can’t access inaccessible, damaged, or overly large size OST files.
  • During export, there is a high possibility of data loss.
  • Users must have installed the Outlook application to handle this process.

How to Open orTransfer Items from an Offline Outlook Data file OST Via Expert Verified Approach?

If you have a dismounted OST file then you need to opt SysTools OST Converter is the perfect solution and it allows you to convert a single or batch OST file at one shot without losing any data. This tool is completely developed with strong programming to get accurate output without compromising with your mailbox data.

  • Download an expert recommended wizard and run it on your computer.
  • Go to the OST file and add it into the application.

  • Preview Outlook mailbox data as you wish to convert.
  • Choose Outlook PST file in the list of export types.

  • Finally, set destination and click on export to get the file quickly.

Benefits of Expert Suggested Solution

  • Its preserved mailbox data integrity remains the same as before the conversion. 
  • This software is very simple to handle by all types of beginner and professional users.
  • You can also restore and convert damaged, corrupted and overly large size OST files.
  • This application can also allow importing OST to Outlook.
  • It allows you to convert emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, journals, and notes with this application.
  • With this application, you can convert specific mailbox data as per date range, subject, sender and recipients etc.
  • This software can also convert IMAP, Office 365, Exchange, Hotmail, or OST files.
  • It also offers you to export contacts into VCF and ICS.
  • You can also export selective data from any folder with this tool.


In this guide, we have shared the reliable process to open or import items from an Offline Outlook data file OST manually and using expert recommended techniques. As manual solutions have a batch number of limitations and high risk of file corruption. So, we recommend you to go with expert verified automated solutions to complete the process without facing any trouble.  We hope after reading this tutorial, all relevant queries have been fixed here. Thank You for reading this post.