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by Guest Author on June 2, 2018

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You can find on Google so many online business ideas but after a quick look, you will see that these ideas are not so great. You are bombarded with bad ideas but now is the time to talk about a good idea. Thousands of people have developt a thriving online business around this idea that gives them more money, more time and more flexibility.

I’m talking about online courses and it is no secret that this market is big and it is getting bigger. I know what you are thinking that is to much work and it is not so profitable. I’m here to tell you different. Because the reality is that online courses are a high reward and a low risk, you can create something once that will generate money for years. All you have to do is to find out what you are good at and to find people that are willing to pay for this information. Don’t worry I’ll show you how to do that.

I can tell you this from experience because I was like you searching on the internet for online business ideas. My job is ok but I feel that there is something missing and I want to help people. So I started my online business. And I can tell you that this makes me very happy and it gives me a joy that I never had. I’m working for me, I don’t have a boss and I have all the freedom in the world. With online courses, I can take as many clients I want and I can help them and offer value without the need to travel and to meet them. You can check my site

Even if you are not an expert and you never you never created an online course I will take you step by step and teach you how to create your own course.

Your Idea

1. Teach something that you are good at.

Ask your self what are you good at?

What do you love to do?

At what software I’m good?

What are you good at, that other people find it hard to do?

What do you like to do in your free time?

You can do this with friends and family because they perceive you as being good at …… making beautiful photography for examples.

I can give you an example of an idea that is very profitable: online English courses. I ques that you know English because you are reading this article right now. There are people that don’t know it and they are willing to pay you to learn them. You can search on Google and you will find this kind of corses, proving that this works.

2. Learn something new and teach that.

Wow…. How can you do that? It sounds hard? Is it that really possible?

I love this idea because you can teach anything, even if you don’t know that topic. But how can you do that? Well read 3-5 best selling books on that topic and you already know more than 99.99% of people out there. And this won’t take more than 4 weeks. That is ridiculously simple and easy!

This is exactly how I started, because of medical reasons I needed to lose weight. I have done what I think it was good to reduce my weight but I always failed. And one time this idea hit me, I started reading the best books on the topic. This is how I learned how to lose my weight forever. Why not teach you to lose weight? If this is something that you are struggling with, I offer you my help!

To know what to learn and eventually teach, you need to take a good lock at people around you and see what pain they have, with what they are struggling. I will give you some examples: lose weight and be healthy, dating, make more money, finding a good job, improve social skills etc.

Maybe now you are thinking, why would someone pay me?

Basically, you pay other people all the time for there services. You pay a toter for your child, you pay for piano lessons, you pay a trainer at the gym, you pay for dance lessons, you pay a cook, you pay a gardener, you pay someone to help you with your wedding – I did this recently.

If people have a problem they are happy to pay to have the solution. And probably you are good at something that others struggle and they are more than happy to pay you if you can teach them. To find those skill you should brainstorm, use the question I listed but don’t stop there. This can take 30-60 minutes or even more. I recommend that you find 15 ideas or more.

Now after you have your ideas, I want you to think how many customers are interested and how much will they pay.

This sound confusing but I will give you some example:

  • organic chemistry = low price and fewer clients
  • lose weight = low price and many clients
  • CEO course = high price and fewer clients
  • negotiate your salary = high price and many clients

All these examples are real, these businesses exist and they are successful.

At first, you can easily create a small course and earn an additional $500 – $1000 per month. It will takesome time to build it. But after that, you will be paid years to come from selling that course.

Your market

You can create a course about something that you are good at or something that you learned. That idea needs to be profitable. You don’t want to make the mistake of creating a course that nobody wants to buy. But how do you know if people are interested in that idea or not? How do you know that people will buy?

1. See if somebody else created a product about this.

If nobody is selling, this means that people and not interested in buying this and the idea is not profitable. If there is a competition, that is good if not you should find another idea.

2. Know your audience

You need to be sure that you build something that people will buy. And for that, you need to enter deep in their mind. You need to know their problems, their pains, there obstacles and there dreams.

I did that from day one and I will continue doing so and you should do the same. No matter how busy you are you still need to talk to people. Because this is the number one rule in marketing: know your audience. And this can be the difference between 10 sales and 1000 sales.

At the moment you know their problems better than they know it you earned their trust.

Now how can you do that? Talk to people face to face, on the internet or on the phone. Read the sites they are reading, the forums they are frequenting.

Guest article written by: Dan from

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Praveen Verma June 2, 2018 at 11:06

Great business idea about online course. Nowadays, an online course has more demand because many people want to learn something by sitting at home and for this what would be better than online tutorial. If anybody has skill to teach something, then they have an option to create online courses. By providing online course we can earn handsome income.

You have provided effective tips to create online courses. You have well explained the whole article. I like the tip about “Your market”.

Thanks for sharing.

Best wishes,
Praveen verma
Praveen Verma recently posted… 12 Steps to Writing More Effective Content



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