European Union Might Ban iPhone Within EU

iphone_shatters_explosion_displayThe European Commision has asked Apple to explain why several iPhone screens have exploded during the summer, according to AFP.

“Incidents have been reported this summer in three countries, France, the United Kingdom and Germany. Tests are underway. If one country says that these products are unsafe, I will request them to be pulled from the market”, said the Commissioner for Consumer Affairs, Meglena Kuneva, to AFP.

Even though it’s a very serious decision, to pull a product from the market, Meglena Kuneva has actually done it three times before and she will not hesitate to do it again, regardless of what image the company in question might have with the consumers.

She does add, however, that they must be 100% certain that the product is dangerous and that they are in contact with national authorities as well as the manufacturer.

Apple, of course, rejects any possibility of a defect within the iPhone and claims that the phones have seen some kind of “external pressure” or shock.

In France there are reports that an 80 year old man saw his iPhone explode while holding it in his hand. Not long before that, the same happened to a security guard in a supermarket.

In Belgium a 15 year old boy had an iPhone explosion next to his head but wasn’t hurt beyond a headache for few days.

Should the iPhone get pulled from the market – which I seriously doubt will ever happen – then they aren’t getting my iPhone, that’s for sure 😀   (Unless they want to replace it with an improved iPhone, of course!)

2 thoughts on “European Union Might Ban iPhone Within EU”

  1. It makes me wonder with these iPhone exploded issues… these people might be using their iPhones to play games for 20 hours straight until it exploded perhaps?
    .-= Michael Aulia´s last blog ..Want to be a great blogger? Be an ant! =-.

    • Yes – the 80 year old guy was surely playing The Sims 3 for 20 hours and the Security Guard must have been going on and on with Crash Bandicoot 😀

      Just kidding – I don’t know what caused it but I hope we will hear more once the tests are completed. Well, on the other hand, hopefully the tests conclude that there’s nothing wrong with the iPhones, so we might never find out exactly why *those* iPhones went bust.
      .-= Klaus @ TechPatio´s last blog ..FIFA 2010 For iPhone? Guess It Can’t Get Any Worse Than For PS3 =-.


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