iPhone 3GS Launch Crashed Danish Operators Webshop

iPhone 3GS was just launched in Denmark today. Two (Telia and Telenor) of the three operators selling it had some of their stores open from midnight, with DJ and lounge atmosphere. Not as many customers as last years iPhone 3G launch though. Around 400 people were in line for the midnight launch of iPhone 3G at Telia last year while they had 110 people this year and Telenor with respectively 60 and 40 people in line at their two open stores.

“3” did not have any of their stores open for a night-launch except for their webshop, at which they claim to have what adds up to a “medium sized Danish provincial town” in terms of how many visitors, which eventually crashed their web service… I don’t know exactly how many that is, but minutes ago when I tried to enter their online shop to check out the iPhone 3GS, I was met with a message saying I’m currently number 224 in line – and that’s just to be allowed access to the shop…

Pictures of Telias iPhone 3GS launch:

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  1. I think this is almost as good was when Bill Gates got the blue screen of death when he was presenting the xbox 360.
    .-= Tax Crisis InstituteĀ“s last blog .. =-.


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