Is SEO Necessary For Your Business

The day of the catalog is long gone. No longer can companies get away with having a purely physical presence in the marketplace. By that I mean that any company that thinks a catalog, a billboard, or some television advertisements are a sufficient marketing strategy are clearly mistaken.

It’s not like the internet is something new, but still there are companies out there who don’t understand the power it has in our society. Some of them believe that it is still just for kicks, and others just plain don’t see the business possibilities it could have for them.

What these companies have missed is the internet turning into the next great advertising medium. They have been clinging to the methods that have worked for years, but in the meantime, consumers have started thinking differently. Consumers have taken their time spent online checking emails and playing games, and they have started to turn to the internet for business.

For this reason, some companies have started to see the need for a strong online presence. They have seen other companies getting lots of sales from their website, and they’ve begun to take the internet seriously. But they have run into one problem – how to get people to find their website.

The simple act of paying someone to make you a flashy website is not going to be enough to get you to where you need to go. You will need SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO takes your website to where it wants to go, by putting it in front of more people and increasing your chances at getting more business.

SEO services include a variety of things that the beginner might not understand. To put it simply, it involves informing other website owners of your website in the form of links. It also involves modifying the underlying code of your website so that Google and the other search engines will look upon it more favorably.

SEO is not a magical process that guarantees you the top spot in Google every time. Your success with SEO depends on how competitive your industry is, how much you are willing to spend, and how much time you are willing to give your SEO company. Obviously, the more time and money you spend on it, the better results you will get, but you have to decide what it appropriate for your business.

One thing for sure is that the term SEO will get a lot more publicity in the near future. As the internet becomes more all-encompassing, more and more businesses will see the need for SEO. If your company has not looked into SEO as of yet, now is a good time in the market to start thinking about who you will hire and when you will start.

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2 thoughts on “Is SEO Necessary For Your Business”

  1. A simple truth is that more people are going to search for goods and services online than those who will use their yellow pages. Another fact is that Google is the most used search engine by far (last numbers I saw showed that searches made on Google comprised 70% of all searches made).

    Any traditional brick and mortar business owner will have to realize that the internet age has changed the way that advertising is done. SEO is now a vital part of a business that wants to attract new customers/clients.

  2. The biggest problem i have with my clients and getting them to understand why seo is important. Its bloody complicated for ppl that just have a site up and aren’t techies.

    explaining terms such as page rank and backlinks just turns them off. Woosh straight over their heads. maybe i just need more educated clients lol


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