Dirty PC’s, An X-Rated Picture Guide

If you don’t know how to spend your Sunday, how about checking out your PC and see if it needs a cleaning? If you’re on a laptop there’s probably not much to do, but if you’re not, you should be aware that sometimes an interior cleaning of your computer would be in order.

Otherwise it might as well end up looking like this:


For more (and worse) pictures like the one above, click further to The Register: Dirty, dirty PCs: The X-rated picture guide

Thanks to Martin for sending this one in!

10 thoughts on “Dirty PC’s, An X-Rated Picture Guide”

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  2. lol, that just terrified me. Looks like I’m spending the afternoon cleaning my PC. Thanks for the reminder Klaus 🙂

  3. Ahahaha I guess my PC will look like that if I leave in a hut next to a swamp 😀
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    • I had a very old home-server used for mail and web once, I think 7-8 years ago, that one ended up looking almost like the one on the picture, since it was stored under the bed 24/7 🙂 It still ran though…

  4. uhh.. that just bad really bad.. i don’t know what is inside my laptop since i never open it.. 🙂
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    • … and please don’t open your laptop unless you want to void the warranty, I wouldn’t want you to blame me for suggesting you do that 🙂

  5. haha, that’s awesome. You totally got me there with this “attention grabbing” headline. Guess I can still be perverted went it comes to dirty ..x rated stuff. LOL Good one
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    • I will try to add “x-rated” to all my posts from now on hehe – I’m especially looking forward to “Teletubbies Launches New Portal. X-Rated!”


  6. That picture is great. It brings back a lot of memories. I used to work as a network admin. I would do contract work on the side. I was once called out to a construction site to work on the computers in a supervisor trailer. There were weeds growing out the back of the computer.

    It is amazing some of the things people do to their computers, and still expect them to run like new.

    I loved jobs like that. Easy fast money.


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