Nokia 6301 iSync Plugin (6300 iSync)

Nokia 6300/6301 is not supported by Apple’s iSync per default, so in order to get 6301 iSync compatibility you will need to install a custom iSync plugin.

This 6301 iSync plugin allows you to synchronize using bluetooth. It will synchronize data from your Address Book such as name, addresses, etc. as well as data from iCal including events and to-do’s.

First, download the text file which contains the data you will need to use for iSync: Click here to download 6301 iSync

Installation Instructions

  • Right click iSync from the with Applications folder in the Finder on your Mac and click “Show package contents”
  • Navigate to: Contents > Plugins > ApplePhoneConduit.syncdevice > Contents > Plugins > Nokia-6131.phoneplugin > Contents > Resources.
  • Make a backup of the MetaClasses.plist file – IMPORTANT!! Simply right click on the file and duplicate it.
  • Now open MetaClasses.plist (not the backup) and replace the content with the content from the 6301 iSync text file you downloaded above.

You should now have Nokia 6301 iSync compatiblity – though it will display the icon for a Nokia 6131, but just ignore that. What matters is that your iSync is now working with your Nokia 6301. If you have a Nokia 6300 instead, be sure to replace “6301” with “6300” in the 6301 iSync text file.


3 thoughts on “Nokia 6301 iSync Plugin (6300 iSync)”

  1. hey, great article, I tried your instructions, in my fresh new install of snow leopard. Unfortunately, I had no luck, it crashes isync. Any idea or update for making this work?

    • Hi Isaac,

      I suppose there’s a chance that the instructions might not work with Snow Leopard. Unfortunately I don’t have a Nokia 63xx with me anymore, so I can’t try it out. It could also be that you have done something wrong, maybe a misspelled word or something, so iSync can’t “understand” the file correctly.


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