So Long, Safari 4, It’s Been Fun. Welcome, Firefox 3.5!

Firefox logoIt’s been a nice few weeks with Safari 4.0 and 4.0.1, when I first switched from Firefox to the new Safari. At first I missed all my Firefox add-ons, but I learned to surf without them, thanks to the speed and “ease of use” in Safari, plus it was very reliable and didn’tget amazingly slow after a day of surfing, like Firefox always did.

Now Firefox 3.5 is out, faster than it’s predecessor. I had no choice but to give it a try, afterall, I was missing my add-ons just a little bit. The verdict; Sorry Safari, but you’re back as my 2nd choice of browser – again.

One of the good parts of Firefox 3.5, is the support of multi gestures on the Mac. You can now pinch to zoom in/out, rotate your fingers to switch tabs and swipe up/down to instantly scroll to the top or the bottom of the pages. The swipe up/down feature, I have changed to up = open new tab, and down = close active tab. In about:config, filter for “gesture” and find the swipe up and down strings, use “cmd_newNavigatorTab” for new tab and “cmd_close” to close tab. Easy.

What browser are you using and why? Leave a comment, mail me or tweet to @techpatio at Twitter. Would love to hear your experiences and choices.

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