Apple Showing Off HTML5

Apple created a new web page meant as a HTML5 showcase. It has seven HTML5 features, demonstrating their functions:

  • Video
  • Typography
  • Photo gallery
  • Transitions
  • Audio
  • 360º product view
  • VR

All of the demos have some kind of interactivity built-in so you get to manipulate with the result.

Even though this web page is supposed to showcase the HTML5 open standard, it’s still not available in all browsers and so you may be required to use Safari to view it properly.

However, once HTML5 is fully integrated in all modern browsers, I begin to see how little we actually need Flash. As Apple put it on the web page: “Standards aren’t add-ons to the web. They are the web.”

YouTube is HTML5 ready by the way, click here if you’re looking to try it out.

And click here to check out Apple’s HTML5 site.

7 thoughts on “Apple Showing Off HTML5”

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  2. Yeah, it looks god, will make the internet look better and react quicker, but we’re going to have to wait a LONG LONG time until it is rolled out, and IE will have more glitches than ever!

  3. sounds very interesting to me…will be surely trying Apple’s Safari web browser, showcasing HTML5 features….without add-on’s.

  4. The HTML5 website from Apple is really cool.. But its a sad part that some browsers don’t support HTML5..

  5. Some promising looking features from this HTML 5 showcase. Ultimately, open standards will beat plug-in based tools such as Flash but I think Flash player has at least another 5 years – more legs than Apple hope for – before HTMl5 supported browsers increase in market share enough for them to be a viable commercial alternative to developers. Just look at how long it took for IE6 to die and IE7 and IE8 aren’t going anywhere soon. Besides, in a few years time who knows what Flash will be capable of.

  6. The funny thing is that by the time html5 could potentially fully replace flash, there will probably be several things that are better than the html5 to replace it. Technology changes so fast it is pretty amazing to think of what sort of technology we will have available in just 5 or 10 years from now


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