Apple to Germans: Don’t Ship iPads Outside Germany

Still without indication from Apple when their widely popular iPad will be available in Denmark, some desperate Danes have decided to go on a 2-6 hour drive to Apple Store in Hamburg to try and purchase an iPad. Driving to an Apple Store in Germany is risky business, you can’t know for sure whether or not they have it in stock and you can’t seem to get a clear answer if you phone ahead.

Fortunately (until now), the German chain of electronics store, Gravis, gladly accepted pre-orders and payments with Danish credit cards, including shipping the iPads to Denmark, usually within 8-12 days.

Now, Apple sent a notice to the German retailers not to ship iPads out of the country.

I guess the only way for Danes to get an iPad right now, is to pay over price on eBay, take their chances and drive to Germany or simply fly to USA and pick one up in an Apple Store – if they’re in stock.

I’m still waiting to get one, but I intend to purchase one in New York sometime in August. What about you, will get you one (when you can)? Leave a comment!

4 thoughts on “Apple to Germans: Don’t Ship iPads Outside Germany”

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  2. I don’t think that I could afford one right now since I am plaaning to upgrade my computer. Maybe sometime next year.

  3. Amazing, just how much Apple is trying to monitor and control. What’s the big deal with free commerce, Apple? What’s next? sue Ebay for letting people buy and sell iPads?

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