Video: iPad Stress Test by PC World

Just like with the iPhone, PC World has also done a stress test on the iPad, to see what it can take and what it cannot.

The video starts out with PC World senior editor Tim Moynihan doing a Johanthan Ive parody, telling mostly bad things about the iPad.

Even though people usually does not use a doughnut to navigate with, rinse it with water and scratches it with a nail, it’s always nice to see what can be done to the iPad without it taking serious damage.

Watch the video below:

3 thoughts on “Video: iPad Stress Test by PC World”

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  2. Nice to know that some people are willing to do what other don’t dare to do. I am glad that I don’t have to that on my own gadget.
    .-= paul | entertainment tonight´s last blog ..Jessica Simpsons on Marie Claire May 2010 =-.


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