Flash Coming to iPhone in Skyfire Web Browser?

Apple is usually rather strict about which apps to let into their App Store, especially if they duplicate features of built-in iPhone apps. Nevertheless, Opera Mini was (surprisingly) approved some time ago and also Atomic Web Browser has been approved.

Now there’s a new browser just around the corner, called Skyfire.

According to MobileCrunch, it’s likely that Skyfire will be submitted to the App Store approval process already this week.

What makes Skyfire special is its Flash support. Skyfire was one of the first mobile browsers with complete Flash support.

Will Apple approve Skyfire now that it has Flash support? I don’t know, some how I doubt it, given that Steve Jobs and Apple doesn’t want Flash on their mobile devices, but we’ll know more in the coming weeks.

9 thoughts on “Flash Coming to iPhone in Skyfire Web Browser?”

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  3. I have always wondered why so many people were willing to purchase Apple based mobile technologies when flash was unusable on them. Flash seems like such a big part of the web environment these days.

    Despite saying this I must profess that I do not own any mobile technologies; therefore, I am simply assuming that most of the popular websites have mobile enhanced versions which do not integrate flash within them.

    • It depends on what websites you’re surfing on. I really never miss Flash on my iPhone or iPad. Only one time I missed it, because a website thought it was better to have bus schedules in Flash instead of HTML or whatever, so I couldn’t see what times the bus would leave and had to turn on my computer. But for everything else, life without Flash is pretty good 😀

      (and YouTube works as well)

  4. it is about time they came out with flash.. I was surprised that so many people bought them as well. Apple does put out good products but they always leave you with a desire for more. I guess that works for their business model.

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  6. Anything happen with this since Aug 31?

    It would be great to have a flash browser option for the iPhone and or iPAD, even though Safari is very nice.

    I would be very surprised if Apple allows this in the App Store.


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