Steam for Mac is Here & Comes With Free “Portal” Game

Steam for Mac has arrived – but you probably already know that, it’s been all over the Internet for the past few days. If you don’t know what Steam is, it’s kinda like an “App Store” for games, but on your computer. Previously it has only been available for Windows computers, but now also Mac and it already has 63 games in the store. Not all the games are new, though, but it does contain games such as Football Manager 2010 for instance – but also the good ol’ Indiana Jones games (yes, the really old ones!).

Basically, you download Steam (free), launch it – and buy a game and it will download to your computer. Steam makes sure the games are up to date and you don’t need to wait for FedEx to arrive with the DVD’s – cause it’s all done electronically over the Internet.

With the launch of Steam for Mac, the game “Portal” by Valve has been made free until May 24th. “Portal” is from 2007 so it’s not a new game, but it has won 70 awards as “game of the year”, so it’s probably not going to be any issue that it’s a few years old, I bet you’ll be able to pull out several hours of gaming enjoyment.

Get started with Steam is easy – you can visit Steam’s website here and download it, and you’ll get access to the free version of “Portal” too.

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