How To Blog Using WordPress [Sponsored Post]

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WordPress is one of the most-used and best platforms for blogging. If not the best platform for the purpose. WordPress was started back in 2003 and is used today on millions of sites and viewed by tens of millions of people every day.

Yes, it’s safe to say that WordPress is probably the default blogging platform mentioned when you ask an existing blogger how you get started. For iPhone users, there’s also a free WordPress iPhone application available, so you can manage your posts (including creating them) and comments etc., when you’re not around a computer. Useful for bloggers who has a need to update their blog on-the-run.

Deciding on WordPress as your blogging platform is just one thing. More important is how to blog, because that’s often the “make it or break it” for new bloggers. It’s very easy to get started blogging, but once you get started, it becomes harder, as you need to maintain momentum, publish new posts, reply to comments, research, marketing and so on. It takes time, so you need to do it right and spend your time wise.

Monetizing your blog is another matter. Some bloggers start a blog with the sole purpose of making money. I don’t believe that many people will stand the distance if that’s what they base their blog on, but a few will. You need to have a passion for blogging so you can keep at it, even when times are rough. Your readers doesn’t care if you’re tired of your blog right now – they come to you because they like your content, your style of writing, your consistency of creating new posts. If you let them down, they will disappear.

The bottom line is, if you want to start blogging, do it because you have passion for it. Traffic, readers and money will follow, once you get started and learn your way around the blogosphere.

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