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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for, oh I don’t know how many years now, you must have noticed how almost everybody is replacing their trusty old CRT televisions with newer and better looking LCD or Plasma flatscreens.

You might also have noticed how some people bought a flatscreen TV only to replace it again a few years later. Totally unheard of back in the good ol’ CRT days, replacing a fully functional TV after just a few years of service. Depending on where one live and what kind of signal reception one get in that area, there’s a good reason why a perfectly good flatscreen TV might need a replacement after just a few years – and it’s probably because of either “DVB-T” or “LCD” flatpanel technology.

DVB-T is an abbreviation of Digital Video Broadcasting – Terrestrial. Basically it means, for Europeans at least, that your TV must either have a built-in digital tuner to receive the signal or you must buy a set-top box and use next to your TV. There’s also a whole thing going on regarding different versions of MPEG and so on, which I’m not gonna get into here.

In Denmark, DVB-T was launched in 2006 with just three channels. In November 2010 DVB-T completely took over the terrestrial analogue TV signal which was then shut down and everybody who received their TV signal using an antenna would need to either purchase said set-top box or a TV with a built-in DVB-T tuner. In the United Kingdom, however, DVB-T has been in use since the late 90’s.

The other reason for replacing your flatscreen TV could be because of the newer LCD flatpanel technology. It’s a bit complicated, but basically many people in the early days of flatscreen televisions, would buy a plasma screen. They were great back then but used so much power, compared to the technology today. Buy a newer plasma TV and get a better picture quality and save power at the same time. No biggie.

You can even go one further and replace your existing plasma TV with a LCD TV which uses a different technology to display the image and thus less power, even though plasma TV’s today are getting much better when it comes to power usage.

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