Vocalocity – Hosted PBX [Sponsored Post]

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vocalocity_logoPBX stands for Private Branch Exchange and is a telephone exchange that services a particular business or office. PBX is also known as PABX and EPABX, Private Automatic Branch Exchange and Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange, respectively.

PBX’s make connections among internal telephones of a company and connects them to a public switched telephone network, also known as PSTN. The advantage of Vocalocity’s hosted PBX is that they host it all for you, off-site, and it takes only a matter of minutes (15 minutes or so) before you’re up and running with your hosted PBX solution.

The term “PBX” was first used back in the days when the switchboards were operated by hand. Later when the electronics picked up and automated systems became available, PABX was used for the private “automatic” branch exchange and PMBX was used for the private “manual” branch exchange, to distinguish between the two types of PBX’s.

Nowadays we also have VoIP PBX, also known as IP-PBX or IPBX, which uses the Internet Protocol to connect and carry the calls.

Vocalocity’s PBX uses the VoIP technology to connect your phones to the outside world, over the Internet. With hosted PBX you don’t have to worry about upgrades and setup hassle. The upgrades happen overnight at vocalocity and if you run into problems with the setup, you just give them a call and they’ll help you out. They also claim not to talk in “techno-speak”, unless you do first, so ordinary people can communicate with them as well.

The sales pitch at vocalocity makes it sound so easy and exciting that even I wouldn’t mind getting a hosted PBX solution just for my own pleasure – even though I would probably never use it 🙂