Why I’ll Not Be Ordering DS Cards From r4.co.uk

I had never heard about r4.co.uk before they started commenting on my blog, TechPatio, as “ds card”, despite the fact that I write in red letters above the comment field that commenters must use a real name – and not a keyword. “ds card” is a keyword, they’re simply trying to gain higher search engine rankings for when people are searching for “ds card”, they want their own site to appear as high up as possible.

Initially I thought their comments seemed a bit off, but it was not until today I found out that it’s either a spam bot, somebody who’s really poor at English or just somebody who doesn’t give a damn, when the following comment was posted:

I had the same problem, cellur data was not coming up. i used t mobile here in the us. i got on installer downloaded kate utilities and it showed up.

I replied:

Sorry but I don’t see what cellular data and t-mobile has to do with Vodafone Malta and iPhone 4?

Also please use a REAL NAME when commenting, as specified in red text above the comment field – thanks 🙂

And they wrote another comment, exactly one hour later, to the same blog post as the two comments above were posted at:

Thanks for posting! I was searching for the prices of the Vodafone Broadband packages, but the Vodafone website doesn’t list them. The linked Scribd-document from this post has the prices, thanks. By the way, are there any other ADSL providers in Ghana or is Vodafone the only option?

The blog post the three comments above were posted at, was Vodafone Malta: iPhone 4 – “Coming Soon”, which has nothing to do with either cellular data, t-mobile, installer, kate utilites, Scribed-document, ADSL providers and Ghana.

Whatever is going on – I surely won’t be buying any DS Cards from that company (r4.co.uk) with this kind of tactics they employ to increase their search engine rankings…

3 thoughts on “Why I’ll Not Be Ordering DS Cards From r4.co.uk”

  1. I have already marked this commenter as ‘spam’ a long time ago. They also have come to my site before. What these type of spammers do is copy somebody else’s comment from another website that has at least a few related content to yours then paste it in your comment box.

    You can try this by copying, say, that ‘Thanks for posting! I was searching for the prices of…’ comment you mentioned here and search for it in google. Chances are you’ll get at least 2 (often more) sites with similar word-for-word comments.

  2. I have currently marked this commenter as ’spam’ a long time ago. They also have appear to my internet site previous to. What these kind of spammers do is copy somebody else’s comment from one more website which has no less than a handful of connected content material to yours then paste it with your comment box.

  3. Está claro que cada día los spammers son más sofisticados… probablemente en algunos años no sea posible distinguir a un comentarista “tonto” de un robot, y el test de Turing habrá caído 😉


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