Photo of the week: Chillin’ in the sea

This photo was actually shot Sunday, so depending on what part of the world you live in, Sunday is this week – but that’s a minor technicality. The point is, the photo I’ve decided for this week’s Photo of the Week, is this one…

Chillin’ in the sea

This one was shot at around 5pm as it was getting dark. I was down at the beach and saw this boat (you can call it a boat, right?) passing by, so I zoomed my Nikkor 18-200mm VR lens all the way out to 200mm which is the equivalent to 300mm on 35mm cameras. More technical details below the picture.

Now, since this one was taken with the new Nikon D7000 and Aperture / Snow Leopard does not yet have support for D7000’s RAW (NEF) files, I used Adobe DNG Converter to convert the RAW file to DNG and then import it into Aperture. I shoot RAW, as you probably remember from last week’s RAW vs JPEG article.

It’s hard to explain all the adjustments made to make it look like it does, but usually “Auto Enhance” in Aperture 3 does a very good job at giving you a starting point – if not, you can always just CMD+Z to undo it. The main reason behind the looks of this picture, is the DustStorm preset from Nathan Smith.

1/160, f/5.6, 200mm (300mm), ISO 4000

8 thoughts on “Photo of the week: Chillin’ in the sea”

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  2. ISO4000!

    Awesome. Nice film-like grainy effect. Also, nice detail from your lens, especially since it was at max length and the light was very low. The mast lines are clearly visible.

    The technology these days is incredible. Plus nice work on the post processing.

    Would you say it has a unique created artistic look, or does it look like the actual boat that evening?

    • Here’s a JPEG version of the RAW file directly from camera (I just cropped it the same way as the one above, but no other post processing done).

  3. I love this pic. I want to head out on a boat, and sail somewhere warm. Winter has hit us hard, and I hate cold weather. ha/ha


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