Photo of the week: Sunset (and your opinion needed!)

Another week went by since the last photo of the week update and I haven’t really been out shooting since, except for this snapshot below I caught a few days ago. And that’s exactly what it is, just a snapshot. I really had no intentions of making this photo a 5-star photo to begin with (if I did, I wouldn’t have shot this at f/2.8 and 1/6000…). To be honest, regular sunsets are kinda boring as photographs, don’t you think?

But what I wanted to do with this photo was to ask you a question – which one do you like the most? The only difference between the two – and also the only post processing done – is an “auto enhance” in Aperture 3 on the first one and “Auto Curves (RGB)” on the second one. No other processing done.

Personally I think the 2nd one looks more real, but looking real is not always what matters. So, which one do YOU like the most and why? Leave a comment below!

(Auto Enhance) ISO 280, f/2.8, 1/6000, 0EV, 50mm
(Auto Curves) ISO 280, f/2.8, 1/6000, 0EV, 50mm

30 thoughts on “Photo of the week: Sunset (and your opinion needed!)”

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  2. I like the second one better. The lighting is much better, and I hate poorly lit pictures and rooms! However, the radiance from the sun in the first picture is also pretty cool 🙂 Thumbs up.

  3. I have to agree with you that the second one is better. Not that the first is not good. It is also good but the second one has somewhat a lighter shade and softer hues that make it look subtle and like you said, real.
    Anyways, I think this picture is great even if it is only a snapshot. Frankly, if I were the one taking the picture it would have not turned out to be this good. Great sunset photograph.

    • I am not a photo expert too. I just tried my hand at photoshop and all I know right now is everything that’s automatic (adjustments). I’d also go for the second one!

  4. I probably would of just deleted this photo if I took it. As you clearly stated, it’s a snapshot.

    What is that, snow on the ground?

    You really like the fast shutters. What in this photo needed slowing down by 1/6000?

    Also your DoF is nearly nothing at f2.8, which is counter-intuitive for landscapes.

    I could show you some sunsets that are not boring, taken off the west coast of Florida.

    • Rob, I think you missed this part in my post (regarding the settings):
      I really had no intentions of making this photo a 5-star photo to begin with (if I did, I wouldn’t have shot this at f/2.8 and 1/6000…).

          • Yep. A term my son uses all the time (12 years old) .. majorly addicted COD and Blacks Opp geek!

            Hey – send me an email at rob at and I’ll send you a cool sunset shot..if I can find one.

            • Maybe I should consider also doing a “Reader photo of the week”-post and have people send me photos and I pick one each week to upload and share plus include a link back to the photographers blog/website/flickr/whatever.

  5. Hey Klaus, I am more of a fan of the first one. I think the colors are a lot more natural. I’m still playing with the idea of switching to Aperture. Since you made your last blog post I’ve been reading stuff from a lot of other photographers who are big A3 users and who have switched from LR. I’m more and more tempted. It’s just such a hassle to relearn a workflow.

    • Hi Nathan,

      Thanks for your opinion. I just kinda feels the sky is too orange on the first one, but it’s possible that none of them are the best solution without further post processing 🙂

      I believe there’s a fully working trial of Aperture 3 available from Apple’s website. I highly recommend you check it out. It does have a different feel to it than Lightroom, you can basically do everything no matter where you are, compared to LR where you have the “develop” section etc. But both programs are great so it’s a matter of personal preferences (and whether or not you own a Mac).

  6. Hi Klaus

    I like the second photo more as the lighting looks more gentle. But I am no photographer, just saying which one I prefer.

    Patricia Perth Australia

  7. I’m no guru when in comes to photography as I limit myself with use of “auto-everything” and maybe it is not a good thing. However, my eyes fortunately have still not abandoned me and I definitely choose the second photo as I think it is a lot closer to reality that the second one. As I said, that is the opinion of my “eyes” so blame them just in case, lol.

    Saw your idea about “reader photo of the week”. Sound brilliant. I can send you some with no tech details, just pics of nice “models” from the wonderful beaches of Brazil 😉

    • Thanks for your feedback 🙂

      I wouldn’t reject any pictures but I might not feature them in the weekly post either unless they have some “interestingness” to it, of course 🙂 Being shot on auto doesn’t mean it’s going to be a bad shot, so no need to worry about that.

      I haven’t given the idea much thought yet but I’ll of course announce if/when I decide to go ahead with it.

      • Yeah…I normally shoot things in Auto 🙁 probably need to learn to do some more tricks to make my photos better

  8. Hi Klaus,
    Happy to seen both the photograph, Both photo has it’s own identity. It’s difficult to judge photograph, but I like the first one. Thanks

  9. Well, I am not a photographer. But, I can say that second snap is just awesome. Its not that the first one doesn’t sound good… second one’s pretty better.

  10. I like the second one as well. You could also have some fun with filters and change it to black and white to get more detail. Nice shot.

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  12. The first one. because your theme is sunlight and the sunlight is more visualize on the first one, check my website or email me i can help you more about using the sun. much better if you can capture the rays.


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