Bullguard Antivirus – My Preferred Paid Antivirus Solution

This is a sponsored post, paid for by ReviewMe. All views expressed in this post are mine and are not influenced by the fact that I have been paid to write this.

Bullguard has been around for many years, and I have no doubt in my mind that going with Bullguard as your supplier for antivirus, spamfilter, firewall and backup, you’ll get very good quality.

I’m primarily a Mac user today so I don’t use antivirus software anymore, personally, but I do maintain a few Windows machines at work and for family and friends. When it comes to paid Internet security suites, Bullguard antivirus software has been my primary recommendation since 2002. The reason is that I used to work in retail back in 2002. We sold computer hardware and software. I got a good deal on Bullguard and I was instantly hooked – it was easier and not as evil to my system resources as the alternatives. It also helped that Bullguard was launched by two Danes and you have to support the local busineses, right? 🙂

The first version of Bullguard was released in 2002 and by early 2003 they had more than 3 million users already. In 2006 that number had increased to 16 million. Bullguard caught on very quick.

For antivirus, Bullguard rely on the BitDefender antivirus engine which received a “Recommended” award at IT reviews in 2010.

If you buy Bullguard Internet Security 9.0, you not only get antivirus. You get the whole enchilada: Antivirus, Antispyware, Antiphising, Spamfilter, Backup (5GB online) and 24/7 free support. Bullguard is also very user friendly and even has a “game mode” that allows for fast and safe game fun with minimal resource consumption on your computer. Besides that, it also has Instant Message Protection for use with IM’s applications such as MSN Messenger, Yahoo and Skype.

Being available in several languages, chances are you’ll find a localized version of Bullguard just for you – making it attractable to lesser-savvy PC users as well.

Bullguard offers a free 60 day trial so you have nothing to lose by giving it a try. If you already have an antivirus solution installed, I recommend that you download Bullguard first, disconnect from the Internet, uninstall your current antivirus, restart computer, install Bullguard and then connect to the Internet again. Running with two real-time antivirus scanners is usually not a good idea – and being connected to the Internet without antivirus installed, is also usually not a good idea.

Remember – it’s better to be safe than sorry and Bullguard can help you being safe!