Tip: Need a blog topic idea? Build on a good post

When you have a great blog going you will be able to enjoy the success but at the same you will feel the pressure of keeping up with writing great blog posts to sustain that success. And there will be times when you will find it tough to come up with something fresh and new. On such a day one option for you is to read your own posts of the past, specially the ones that have been received well. There is a good chance you will have something more to say on the topic. Or perhaps a readers comment sets off a train of thought that leads to a new and interesting blog post.

But before you jump on to the opportunity that writing further on an earlier blog post presents you should consider the up side and the down side. On the down side if the original post had covered the issue in sufficient detail then another post on it may be more like flogging a dead horse. But chances are if the post was liked a lot earlier the topic has quite some depth and the flogging a dead horse analogy may not be quite true. That brings us to the potential up side. And there are many and they easily out weigh the down side most of the time.

One potential up side is that that the reader response allows you to shed better light on the issue now that you know how the readers are receiving your ideas. Then writing on an earlier blog topic can help you build a longer chain of thought which could lead on to something bigger. If your readers have made useful comments to your post and those comments help you to develop your ideas further, then you can acknowledge such readers in the blog post and this should bring your blogging community closer.

When you go beyond scraping the surface of a topic and taking it up in greater depth you can expect to find more issues of interest. These will add depth to your blog and it will go a long way in helping you consolidate your reputation in your domain of expertise.

For example I often write on car body kits and headlights and by writing many posts on these topics I have been able to cover it in great detail which enables me to show my depth of knowledge of these products. So the next time you are short on ideas for a new blog post check out the best ones from the past and look for inspiration there. Happy blogging!

Guest article by: Louie Liu has been in the car aftermarket products industry for over 7 years. He enjoys being able to make people enjoy reading about technical products such as body kits, car spoilers & other aftermarket products. You can learn more about car aftermarket products at his site www.ilovebodykits.com.

9 thoughts on “Tip: Need a blog topic idea? Build on a good post”

  1. Great tip however I just want to stress out that another way to get blog ideas is by going to digg, look for interesting and popular post and write about it.

  2. Making good post you must have a peaceful mind. Making article an other writing activities are literature. And it is said that making such good post are those people that have good ideas and thoughts but not all of them do good post and yet lot of article writer makes bad literature. This tips are another source of ideas that can help to cultivate person how to be more productive. Thanks for sharing this one.

  3. company that has used the product or service you promote. This can make it easier for the post get found in search engines.

  4. Deepen and improve some old articles, it is really a good idea to get new original content!

    I’ve already use this techniques in the past and i found it very useful

  5. How can you tell if a topic was well liked or not? Traditional seo techniques show traffic, but not necessarily likeability.

  6. This is a great tip. We typically review our data to see which blog posts got the most traction. Sometimes you can notice a pattern where people are interested in certain topics more than others. Why not take advantage of that interest and leverage into more posts? Great idea!

  7. This is great question and I think one need to consider demographics plus age group of the audience to whom a particular topic shall be be targeted.

  8. Starting blog with great ideas is not just enough to get continuous good feedback. We have to keep our readers something new so they like to read and visit back. Reading your own blog post which got good response can also give you tric in your mind to write about something new.


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