Why HTML5 is important for SEO?

Information technology and science is getting improved day by day. The progress and improvement in this field can be proven by hundreds of prominent and popular examples. The HTML5 is also important for the search engine optimization. However, there is a conflict among the experts and professionals about the potential of HTML5 for the search engine optimization.

Anyhow, it is true that HTML5 is basically useful for the search engine optimization. Definitely, you will be waiting to learn to reason why we are suggesting HTML5 better for search engine optimization so we will include some information about the HTML5 in this article. It is a set of technologies and applications that is useful for the websites. The website holders usually apply certain standards and codes when making the websites. These standards and codes are easy to apply and use but if you are trying them with HTML5 then there will be problems for you. Do you know when it was upgraded? We think the last upgrade was done in 1997 so the latest versions of HTML5 are basically belonging to the old software and application.

HTML5 helps to promote the websites more efficiently:

It is obvious that HTML5 is useful for the websites. There are many factors that change the potential and efficacy of the HTML5 but the main focus should be on the web promotional features. It can help the website holders and bloggers to import the best search engine optimization strategies and practices. The search engine optimization requires simple and compatible web layouts and formats. The HTML5 allows the search engine optimization process to be completed as soon as possible. Because of this reason it is considered best for the search engine optimization.

HTML5 for the best recognition of web content:

The HTML5 is a best protocol to gain best recognition for the web contents. It demands the web developers and designers to choose the specifics codes and standards that are rich in quality and back links. No doubt the quality of web content can increase or decrease the popularity of a website so it is important o keep the web contents quality rich. The back links are producing more utilities and comforts for the online users. The back links are completely supported by the HTML5 that’s why it is best for the search engine optimization. All the experienced search engine optimization experts and professionals understand the importance of quality web contents and back links so using the HTML5 is their first preference.

HTML5 improves the tags of articles, sections, header and footers:

Tags are considered really essential for the good search engine optimization because the search engine match the tags and keywords when searching for the inserted keywords. The HTML5 is popular to bring new tags for articles, sections, headers and footers. It beings new tags for the web pages that is really ideal. The HTML5 allow the web developers and designers to make new segmentation. The web page segmentations enable the users to find the related search and results on separate web pages.

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20 thoughts on “Why HTML5 is important for SEO?”

  1. HTML5 is essential for a website’s mobile version but as of the moment i’m not yet fully convinced that it’s important in SEO. I do see your point but if Google doesn’t recognize HTML5 as part of SEO then i guess it’s no point making it part of your strategy.

    • Everytime HTML comes up with new version, it become more useful and essential for seo purpose. I feel that Google should recognize it soon.

  2. I never knew about this before, all i know HTML code is the most important tool in SEO, for back linking purposes.but to be honest HTML5 is new to me. I really appreciate this article you have shared for letting me familiarize to this.

  3. Hi there,
    HTML5 currently is in a working draft state, and most likely won’t be published as a finished standard until 2012. On the mobile handsets HTML5 provides a similar level of ubiquity that the flash player provides on the desktops. Adobe has successfully killed flash for mobile and HTML5 must solve the current problem with flash as it is the best technology for creating and deploying rich content to the browser across mobile platforms.
    Regards. Tanya


  4. For me, HTML 5 is going to kill the browser as we know it. The iPad and Android pads for example, can run HTML5 apps natively. Pretty cool if you ask me.

  5. With improvement in structure and the way different elements can be integrated into website, HTML5 would become most preferable standard by industry expert and you must be able to take advantages of the external facilities provided by HTML5 for better optimization of your website.

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  15. So new to this HTML5 thing, I’ve been doing backlinks for quite a long time
    and been using html codes. Feel so blessed to learn this news about html5.
    Thankful to this post!

  16. Hello Crystal!
    I want to be a professional Web Developer and for that I learned HTML 4.0 from http://www.W3schools.com and after reading your post I have wanted to learn HTML5 so thanks for shearing this important subject.

  17. hi there..
    how to check if my website is HTML 5 qualified?
    i am doing editing to get my blog valid html 5, by check it on validator.w3.org, but still, i can not get indexed properly by google..


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