Ubisoft presents “Child of Eden” by Tetsuya Mizuguchi

Child of Eden is a new game from Ubisoft and created by Tetsuya Mizuguchi, a renowned game designer and famous for creating the game “Rez” which came out 10 years ago and makes me feel like I missed an important part of gaming history since I never got around to playing Rez back in the day. Now, however, I’ll be able to take my revenge with Child of Eden. Tetsuya Mizuguchi doesn’t design games the traditional way – he has a much more artistic approach to creating games, as I’m sure everybody who played Rez will be able to confirm.

Child of Eden is an entirely unique experience, multi-sensory shooter action game with 5.1 surround sound effects and music from Japanese band Genki Rockets, hi-def visual effects and vibration. Every element becomes one experience, into yourself. It’s also without a visible presentation of your character and without the need of a physical controller, except yourself. You use your body to control your aim and shoot down the viruses which has infected Eden, the future version of the Internet as we know it today. Eventually you should reach your goal – save the woman trapped in Eden. Playing the game, with yourself as the controller, is really simple. Control your aim with your hands and fire with a “throwing motion” of your hand. Clap your hands together to switch weapons.

Child of Eden was presented on-stage at the E3 gaming expo last year and was a breathtaking world to witness for the audience, looking at Tetsuya Mizuguchi himself presenting it as if he was a conductor, and now the game is finally here – ready for Microsoft Xbox 360’s Kinect-controller (Kinect optional) and will be available for Sony PlayStation 3 in September. Did you play Rez? Whether or not you did, will you be looking into buying Child of Eden for your Xbox or PlayStation?

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3 thoughts on “Ubisoft presents “Child of Eden” by Tetsuya Mizuguchi”

  1. Arghhhhh I wish I have a Kinect 🙂 Would definitely buy one when I have my own family in the future (unless something better has come out again). Looks like an interesting game to play

  2. I think it is a good game but I haven’t played x-box. But I have played playstation in the past. Now, I also played Wii, I think I like this x-box game because it looked interactive.


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