Photo of the week: Lake in Denmark with reflections

I shot this photo way back but I didn’t really like it until I started playing around with it in post-processing lately, to bring out the colors even more – this was the final edit that I decided I liked the most, it was also cropped a little to get rid of some of the water at the bottom.

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ISO 200, f/5.6, 1/180, 120mm

Shot using:

7 thoughts on “Photo of the week: Lake in Denmark with reflections”

  1. Hi Klaus,
    I like your photo. It looks serene, calm, and peaceful. It must have been beautiful out there on that lake. I can see myself on a boat, rowing slowly, and absorbing the beauty all around me. To complete the picture, I would also like to see long-legged birds on the banks.
    You did a great job of editing if you didn’t like your original shot because it looks real nice.
    Thanks for sharing!


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