The Collection – a revolutionary trendy ‘appazine’ for iPad

Have you ever thought about reading on your iPad the latest and hottest topics that only the top magazines can offer?

The Collection

Introducing the new iPad application called the “The Collection” – an appazine (a combination of app and magazine) – which was created to take journalistic apps to an entirely different new level. The Collection will be presented in a monthly manner that aims to deliver only the latest, hottest and most relevant topics for every type of audience, both local and international. Currently, it is available in several languages including English, Chinese and German (addition of other languages are being planned later this year).

The media-rich appazine will utilize state-of-the-art innovation in a highly interactive design which will ensure an absolutely interesting and entertaining user experience like never before. Aside from first-class articles, photos, audios and videos, the appazine will feature a wide array of interactive elements which will include 3D digital animation, panoramic photography, X-ray lens, creative morphing, rubbing and many other features.

Based on an entirely new Content Management System (CMS) specially made in Switzerland, this technology lets you experience intuitive navigation while you get to enjoy lots of great content.

In every issue they will cover, the experience will absolutely guarantee you surprises at every tap, swipe or rub of your tablet screen. Every issue provides an astonishing look at a person, a couple, a trend or curiosity, a contest, a discovery or an event that is greatly influencing and shaping our world today.

Ringier AG, The Company behind the appazine called The Collection

Ringier, founded in 1833, is the largest Swiss-based media company that created The Collection, the latest global appazine for tablets that delivers internationally-acclaimed relevant content together with a highly intuitive user-navigation system.

The Ringier Group aims to tell timely and remarkable stories like never been told before, utilizing the most engaging and best designed applications possible.

The Collection’s Inaugural Issue

The Collection’s very first and inaugural issue deals with Prince William – The British Monarchy’s Great Hope. In this issue, you will see Prince William as he grows up before your very eyes; you get to discover the secrets of the Crown Jewels; you get to learn more about the life of a royal photographer; you get to discover Kate Middleton (as well as the ones the Prince left behind); you get to see the wedding before the wedding, and so much more.

Simply put – It is a great way to tell stories on a tablet.

Why don’t you see it for yourself? Find it in the App Store!

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