Easynews – the new & easy approach to usenet

Easynews offers a simple and straightforward solution for accessing literally petabytes of audio, video, image and text files posted to over 100,000 topic-specific groups (more specifically called “newsgroups”).  Plans range from $9.98/month for 20 gigs of downloads to $29.94 for 150 gigs of downloads.  They are also offering a 14 day/10 gig free trial (you will need to register with your credit card or Paypal for verification purposes, but NO CHARGE will be made), which is a great opportunity to check out this service that offers the fastest, most secure downloads available anywhere.

Once your account is created, login to their search and download interface at www.easynews.com.  Run a quick search by file (audio, video or image), preview these files (audio clips, video thumbnails, image thumbnails), then choose which files you want to download.  All of these functions (including auto-rar and auto-par) are managed directly from the web-interface.

Easynews is much different than other Usenet providers.  This is a Usenet provider that offers a GUI for users to easily search for content (similar to Google).  Importantly, you can preview your search results with image clips, audio clips and video screenshots) to verify the quality of the content, then queue them up with the same interface and start downloading with the same service.  Easynews is more of a one stop shop provider.

Easynews allows you to search specifically for the files you want, download it significantly faster than other technologies, and do it in a secure manner (256-bit SSL encrypted connections direct from their server farms located throughout North America and Europe).  Again, it is subscription based, but the speed and security alone is definitely worth the cost.  Most ISPs, at least in the states, are doing away with their newsgroup support, bringing more and more subscribers to the paid Usenet providers such as Easynews.

Here are some of the specific Easynews advantages:

  • Easynews is the service provider and the newsreader client wrapped into one. No third-party newsreader clients to download and install. Just login and go!
  • You can search, preview and download with thumbnail views right from the Easynews browser. Nowhere is it simpler to navigate newsgroups.
  • Easynews supports auto-unrar and auto-par, which means no manual work required.
  • Rollover Gig Bank: Any unused Gigs are saved on your account to use in following months. You keep the Gigs you pay for (Gigs = GB’s of traffic).
  • SSL is offered with all Easynews service packages at no added cost.
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections are available with all accounts.
  • Easynews also is compatible with standard NNTP Newsreader clients for people who want to access Usenet in the traditional way. It’s the best of both worlds!
  • World-class support: Easynews offers 24/7 support via phone live chat, email and through the support message board.
  • Easynews leverages the largest, most robust private NNTP infrastructure and utilizes one of the largest tier-one IP backbones on the planet optimized for fast data transfer.

With Easynews, you get best-in-class article delivery, security, flexibility and usability.

Click here to check out Easynews and take the free 14 day trial for a spin!

2 thoughts on “Easynews – the new & easy approach to usenet”

  1. Wow! This is a pretty neat setup, whoever thought of it. And I like the way the service sounds, especially the Gig rollover. Tons of places offer no rollover, but they don’t have either customizable plans or plans small enough for the average user.


  2. I switched over to astraweb only because it was cheaper on the pockets. Easynews is a nice service though.



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