iPhone 5 announcement Sep. 12th and launch Sep. 21st?

Lots of rumors going on at the moment, as the iPhone 5 announcement/release is getting closer and closer, the heat is being turned up and the rumor mill is crunching away.

The latest rumors and so far also the most reliable ones, I believe, suggests that iPhone 5 (and possible an iPad mini) will be announced on Wednesday September 12th and iPhone 5 will be released for sale on Friday September 21st.

There are also some new iPhone 5 rumor-photos out that seem very legit indeed. Bigger screen, different back side and a smaller connector at the bottom.

9 thoughts on “iPhone 5 announcement Sep. 12th and launch Sep. 21st?”

  1. Hi again Klaus,

    Amazing! Can’t wait! Thanks for the heads up. Time to make sure the finances is up to date for the new “toy” from your favourite apple store.

  2. Now there has been a lot of rumors going on around regarding the iPhone 5, Apple has still not announced any official news about iPhone 5

  3. Finally the announcing date of long waited iPhone and the end of various rumors will be done on on September 12 and 21. Really that day will become the most wonderful day for iPhone users and lovers. Thanks for reporting announcement date of iPhone 5.

  4. i personally think apple need to come up with a new shape and design. if this photo is what the new iphone will look like i honestly think they will start to lose more and more market share to Samsung who is always coming out with new designs and models. Hey only time willl tell.

  5. No matter what the release is “Fan Boys” will cr*p themselves to get the latest apple tech whether it is worth it or not.


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